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Found 1 result

  1. What is your real name? Gabriel Neves What is your main character’s in-game name? Sickle How often do you play and how long have you been on our servers? usually i play 3 hours per day and i am playing in the server for a bit more than 2 weeks How old are you? Sixteen Why do you want a staff position? I want to be more reliable and trustable because i think that being a mod i can have a better relation with another mods, help another people in the server etc. What is your history with moderating and/or administrating Terraria servers? i never administrated a terraria server, but im sure im gonna help when needed What is your understanding of the responsibilities of Helper/TempMod? i must always help the others, dont be childish, obey higher rank mods, dont abuse of my powers On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being the least), how comfortable are you with IRC? 9 How long have you been playing Terraria? 2 years Have you ever been banned on a server before? If so, why? No Name four of our server rules: No griefing, no cheating, no spam and no advertising of another servers What would you do if there was a situation you could not handle? i would call a higher rank mod to help Your best friend joins our server and begins hacking, what do you do? i would pusnish him, friend or not he is disrespecting rules Another player you dislike says something that bothers or annoys you, how do you react? i would ask him to stop saying that to me What would you say is your biggest strength? Your greatest weakness? my biggest strenght is my humor, its very difficult to make me angry, my greatest weakness is also my humor, because sometimes i make jokes of something serious A man’s wife is very sick and needs special medicine to survive. The only pharmacy to have the medicine is charging a ridiculously high price for it, which the man cannot afford. Is it okay for the man to steal the medicine? Why or why not? In my opinion, it is not okay for him to steal it but if i were in their place i would steal it, i know it is wrong but i dont think there is anything that could buy a life What sets you apart from other players and staff applicants? Answer in at least 20 words. i think my motivation is different from another ones, because i really like to help, i feel better when helping Anything else you would like to add? i Love u all <3