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Found 6 results

  1. -Welcome To The Server's Hotels- A hotel for players all around the server its a fresh start for players to come here and buy a room. You only need your Creativity to design your room . make the best of your room. This is a great opportunity for players cause the month of February is tomorrow and the servers will reset NightShroud and Jelo's Dynasty Plaza Hotel NightShroud's Pyramid Hotel -More to come-
  2. i was on /warp left trying to took when i saw this chest and marble work benchits in the ocean left region and i did /h or /history it tells me its a player which is default placed it did someone allowed him/her? in region left ocean
  3. I can`t don`t post this topic. Please stop events like Solar Eclipse,Blood Moon and Martian Madness. Note: they can start also if five players want. Stop events on server 1 please. 1) They`re useless on free item server. 2) This creatures will annoy you when you build. Is there a way?
  4. 12:23 AM / 11/24/2016 XxxNoScopeZXx He Hacks alot and give away items which he hacks My Screenshots and My Witness is robet
  5. 2:04AM lutadorking (a friend gave him the items) He said his friend gave him this
  6. The Ocean is always running out of water due to the region that is not protected can any Builder help us do something about it because the Ocean is running out of Water by the players who had make a hole in the Ocean just look well i am in my Cathleen VIP account