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Found 19 results

  1. Does anyone know if the Reticle from the beta footage below is available for download anywhere?
  2. Try this Jigsaw puzzle and compete for best time... JUST FOR FUN!! Reg with your forum username or in-game name if possible to get on the scoreboard (no need for email address or any personal info to register just a username and password) PUZZLE: I completed it in 24 seconds (1st attempt) May the fastest hand win ;) Image used
  3. Original Post: Following is a jonwil Quote: 15 years ago today a games developer out of Las Vegas by the name of Westwood Studios released a little FPS game called Command & Conquer: Renegade with a rather interesting engine called the W3D engine. 25 weeks later a programmer from Australia by the name of Jonathan Wilson (that would be me) released a little piece of code that added a couple of new gameplay scripts to the game. In the last 15 years many members of this community has torn the W3D engine apart, put it back together again in totally new ways and made it do things once thought impossible. I am sure original Westwood developers like Greg Hjelstrom, Byon Garrabrant, Greg Underwood and others would be amazed and what the engine they created is now capable of. Everything from working naval yards and helipads to a sophisticated anti-cheat mechanism to a version of Asteroids has been added to this engine. It is fitting that on this historic anniversary that I announce the release of scripts 4.3, the latest release of the custom scripts.dll. I would like to thank Jerad Gray, Daniel Blaney and WhiteDragon for their contributions to 4.3 (If I missed anyone else who contributed to 4.3, sorry) Full list of changes between Scripts 4.2 Update 4 and Scripts 4.3 RC1: * Fix some issues with the way position and targeting data is sent over the network for some objects. This change fixes the issues with turrets missing shots clientside especially if they are aiming up towards the edge of the map. It also fixes vehicles that leave the map extents from rubberband glitching. They now sync properly like soldiergameobjs do. This change allows ballistic weapons to now work correctly over the network as well. * Add fixes so that you no longer get a bunch of messages about dead buildings/units in the chat box when you first join the game. * Add support for a per-map cameras.ini file. This is named e.g. C&C_City_cameras.ini or whatever for your map. It is to be a copy of the normal cameras.ini with whatever extras you want to add. Like the normal cameras.ini, it is checked by the anti-cheat. * Add a fix so that if you mouse over/target a stealth unit, your target box no longer disappears (people were using it as an "exploit" to find stealthed units which was unfair) * Add stuff to prevent people from spamming radio commands and chat messages. Unlike the way stock renegade did this, this fix is server-side and players cant use hacks to defeat it. * Make it so that the HUD is not affected by Set_Screen_Fade_Color/Set_Screen_Fade_Opacity * Changes to allow the max health and max shield strength to go as high as 10000 (previously the limit was 2000). Note that if there are players not running 4.3, things may not work properly here for objects with max health/max shield strength greater than 2000 due to netcode backwards compatibility issues. * If you put ResumeRotation=true in server.ini, it will store the current position in the rotation into a file called resumerotation.txt and re-load it again when the FDS starts (this is so it can resume the rotation if the FDS crashes or is shut down for some reason) * Improvements to the Stop_Timer and Stop_Timer2 engine calls so they wont crash if called from inside a Timer_Expired function. * Fix so that the killed explosion for soldiers displays properly. * Add new console commands called EVAP/EVAT/EVAA. These work exctly like SNTP/SNDT/SNDA except the sound is played using the "dialog" volume setting in the config rather than the "sound effects" volume. * Fix some issues with the output of Player_Info that were causing an issue if the player has a negative score. * Add some features to clean up the stored map downloads (Daniel Blaney wrote these and knows more about why they exist, how to use them etc so I will let him explain) * Fix so that the correct building icons will display on the purchase terminals when you access the "secret" vehicles/infantry pages. * The /host command in the in-game chat box will now work correctly on a dedicated server. * Fix it so that you cant use console commands/engine calls that change the time limit/time remaining when the score screen is displayed (before it used to crash when doing that) * Change so that the chat hook, host hook, refill hook, player join hook, load level hook, pre load level hook, think hook, game over hook, radio hook, stock damage hook, TT damage hook, console output hook and player leave hook can be set multiple times and the hooks will all be called (before, if you registered any of these hooks the previously set hook would get overwritten) * Some fixes to make radio commands work properly in LAN again. * Add a field to weapon definitions that lets you override the animation set used for weapons. * Add a field to ammo definitions that lets you override the preset used when a C4 is thrown (the default is "Tossed C4" but you can override it on a per-ammo basis now) * Add a field to ammo definitions that lets you disable the "ammo definitions with a velocity greater than 400 are treated as instant-firing" thing * A fix to various obelisk scripts so they will use a "target" bone if it exists) * Add a new engine call Set_Background_Music_Player_Offset that is just like Set_Background_Music_Player except it lets you specify the starting position within the audio file to begin playing from. * Add a new engine call Set_Camera_Player that lets you change the camera profile a player is currently using (this should only be used when players are inside a vehicle) * A bunch of changes to various scripts Jerad Gray wrote. * Some fixes to allow the SkeletonWidth and SkeletonHeight settings for soldiers in LE to work for all skeletons. * Support for adding additional buildings to the "battle info" dialog box. Use the textures HUD_C&C_G_COMM.TGA, HUD_C&C_G_CONYARD.TGA, HUD_C&C_G_SHRINE.TGA, HUD_C&C_N_COMM.TGA, HUD_C&C_N_CONYARD.TGA and HUD_C&C_N_SHRINE.TGA for the new buildings. * Add a bunch of scripts written by Danial Blaney * New engine calls Stop_Timer2 and Has_Timer * Fix a glitch with dp88_AI_Turret * New engine call ChangeTeamDeaths * Some fixes to JFW_Change_Spawn_Character and JFW_Custom_Create_Object_At_Bone Full list of changes made in 4.3 RC2: * Fix a memory leak. * Fixes to RA_Base_Defense_Simple and RA_Base_Defense_Powered * Fixes to RA_Infantry_Spy * New engine call Create_2D_WAV_Sound_Team_Dialog * Make the various JFW_Base_Defence scripts not get distracted by the idle spinning when attacking an enemy. * Add SoldierGameObj::Get_Contact_Surface_Type that returns the surface type that a soldier is standing on. * Make dp88 turrets face the default direction on creation. * Fixes and new scripts from Daniel Blaney * Fixes and new scripts from Jerad Gray * Fix w3danimsound.ini to work with map specific presets correctly. * New engine call Set_Definition_TranslationID_Player that sets the TranslatedNameID for an object or the IconNameID for a weapon. * Fix IF_BACK01 not playing a looping animation Make calls to SoldierGameObj::Set_Max_Speed work properly over the network. * Add a new TrackingIgnoreTarget flag to Ammo objects. * Fix Radar on vehicles to use camera rotation rather than targeting position. * Cleanup Cache button now displays a dialog of how much was cleaned up. * Update health bar code on stock HUD to be able to display more than 4 digits. Retain that is always uses a minimum of 3 digits at all times like stock. * Add ability for AI controlled soldiers to use the get_muzzle override that players use so they point towards the target position. * New tt.ini keyword OverrideMuzzleDirection that sets the default value for the above muzzle override. * Add parameter for weapons that allows you to fire with empty ammo if the ammo has a spraybulletcost of 0. This allows for example a helicopter with limited rockets to have unlimited machine gun rounds etc. Also useful for weapons with a bayonet as the alternate fire. * Add a flag to weapon definitions that controls whether to tilt when reloading the gun or not (defaults to true which is the current behavior) * Jerad gray fixed things so that SkeletonHeight and SkeletonWidth work correctly for other skeletons. And created files to make females (s_b_human skeleton) and mutants (s_c_human skeleton) work correctly with this feature. * Danial Blaney created textures to allow the com centre and construction yard to appear on the "team information" dialog box and some fixes to a couple building aggregates (1 for the GDI weapons factory and 1 for the GDI advanced guard tower) Full list of changes made in 4.3 RC3: * A bunch of changes to various scripts Jerad Gray wrote (including new scripts) * Fix an issue with sound culling causing sounds to play at the wrong volume in some cases * Small improvement to the netcode that reduces the size of weapon related packets in some cases. * A bunch of changes to various scripts Daniel Blaney wrote (including new scripts) * Fix a netcode issue with weapons not getting their ammo properly set in some cases * Fix to make sure the HUD weapon chart properly resets when a weapon is removed (sometimes it did not) * Hide muzzle flashes on the back weapon model. * Improvements to soldier netcode to reduce latency issues. * Fix a netcode issue that caused soldiers to aim at the ground in some cases. * Add new engine call Set_Net_Update_Rate_Player to let servers set the net update rate for clients. * Add a fix to an issue with zoom if you are scoped at the end of the map. * Fix scope staying visible when switching weapons. * Improvements to font code for high-DPI displays. * Fixes to prevent various pieces of the HUD from being cut off or drawing incorrectly in certain cases. * Fix some compiler options for a bunch of scripts projects so they are consistent (and so that optimizations that should have been turned on get turned on) * New engine calls Send_Player_Kill_Message and Send_Purchase_Response that are needed for Dragonade (lets Dragonade get rid of some hacks in the code they were using to send these particular netcode objects) * Fix TextFileClass::Read_Line to work identically to stock renegade * Fixes so soldiers no longer shake when standing in or on objects. Changes made in 4.3 RC4: * Fix a netcode issue with reload tilting. * Some fixes to scripts by Jerad Gray. * Some fixes to scripts by Daniel Blaney. * Improve the way certain 3D sounds fade out (those played via Create_3D_WAV_Sound_At_Bone) * Move the beacon zone in the GDI barracks on Field to the correct place. * Make the ugly laser blockers on the refinery on Complex invisible. (they still stop projectiles though) Changes made in 4.3 RC5: * Fix to reset all sniper related things in the camera when the map starts. (to prevent some glitches related to being in scope mode when the game ends) * Some fixes to scripts by Jerad Gray. * Some fixes to scripts by Daniel Blaney. * New tt.ini keyword ScriptZoneDebug that will make script zones visible in-game (useful for debugging purposes) * Fix an issue with certain global building announcement sounds not playing correctly. * Fix an issue where certain features are passing a 3D sound to one of the 2D sound commands and its not playing properly. * Re-use the existing engine sound when Set_Model is called on a vehicle. * Run the volume calculation when a sound first plays to fix popping and clicking that can sometimes occur (most notably with weapon sounds) Changes made in 4.3 Final: * Some fixes to scripts by Daniel Blaney. * Some improvements to prevent exploits created by sending certain kinds of network packets with specially crafted bogus data (data that regular code would never send) * Fix some issues with the Ranged_Variable_Percent_Vehicle_Damage engine call and how it deals with base defenses. * Small netcode improvement for explosions * Code so that buildings will send their team over the network to clients (useful if its changed from the default) Make sure you update your server with the new anticheat.ini, always3.dat, C&C_Complex.mix and C&C_Field.mix. They have not changed since scripts 4.3 RC4 so if you were already running RC4 or RC5 on the server, you should have the correct files. Anyone wanting a new Dragonade to go with 4.3 final should talk to WhiteDragon as it is up to him to produce a new build. Do not try and mix dlls (bandtest.dll, things like that) from 4.3 with an older version of Dragonade as it may cause problems. The new build is available from the TT server (the TT download page itself will be updated when I get the chance. Anyone already running scripts (either 4.2 update 4 or any of the 4.3 RC builds) will automatically be updated to Scripts 4.3 final. Download if you need a full installer (installing for the first time or reinstalling for some reason). The server bits are available from The tools are available from The source code is available from The source changes since 4.3 RC5 are in
  4. Located on top of the world, Santa and his elves are hard at work preparing for the upcoming holidays. Unfortunately, not everyone holds the same love for Christmas as Santa and his happy elves. The events that unfolded from this day would later become known as The Assault On Christmas. This map requires 4.3 RC3 to be hosted.
  5. Scripts 4.3 has been released!
  6. Yoo I've been pretty active in the C&C Renegade server for a while now. I thought its time to check out the RenCorner website and make an account on here. So here I am :) Turning 21 next month. Producing music, DJing, organising events... Just finished school and I am currently taking driving lessons. Yeah. That's me.. Oh and here is something I am currently working on
  7. Scripts 4.3 has been released!
  8. -weapons disappear too fast -final table disappear too fast
  9. GDI and Nod have been battling it out over a research facility built into the side of a Mountain. Nod recently captured the inside of the facility leaving GDI with little choice but to move in and wipe the Nod base off the side of the mountain. Scorpion_Hunters.7z
  10. Tiberium Takeover takes place on the side of a mountain where Nod is currently developing new Tiberium weapons. Nod plans to launch a Tiberium missile at a GDI base soon, and it will be your task to investigate the fallout. Tiberium_Takeover.7z
  11. GDI recently discovered that Nod has taken control of an ancient Temple in Egypt. They fear what Nod must have discovered in order to make them want to occupy the temple in the first place and are moving in to clear Nod from its vicinity. Temple_Of_Cervinae.7z
  12. RenCorner Marathon AOW Videos RenCorner Marathon Videos by SKyRiDeR Recording at all times , look up videos in Playlist by Days and Time by the File Names
  13. RenCorner AOW Renegade Play Time Videos Look up Videos Game Date using PlayList Game Time using File Name Eastern Time NY - Canada Recorded by Sky®íÐê® G®gg
  14. 2 renegade servers by rencorner and i cant connect to irc at all ... soo yeah Asd13
  15. Congrats to FurinKazan for becoming our newest Half Moderator! Make us proud!
  16. Hello Renegaders (renegade&gamers) If anyone would like to take some cool screen shots to be posted on our Facebook page then please do so. Just post down below and then the best one's will be posted on our Facebook page. This can be from inside/outside the buildings, a tank rush, AGT or Obelisk shooting, infantry fight/rush, some cool landscapes or even screen shots of the Iron Cannon/Nuke going off etc. Don't spam 100+ screen shots....just enough for a good selection about 10 to 15 max. Look forward to seeing your screenshots. ice.
  17. Ok well my Internet is being a bitch so it's not working could be as much as a week for it to get its shit together just doing this to tell Manny and Shia so I stay mod hopefully so basicly my Internet died agian today and they can't get guy out for a day or so and I'm hoping to het it back by friday..... so just want to stay mod on ren because of this technical difficulty... so yeah thanks for reading.
  18. So if you get the vehicle crate while in the tuns... Best crate
  19. So I'm muted which is fine I don't really care. But when I get that faggy auto-AFK message (wasn't even AFK) and someone keeps pming and I can't respond is kinda gay. Especially when hon is down and I'm last character left recieving a kick, its like when an American eats a hamburger near me. So unmute me or fix that auto AFK shit. PS I eat ass.