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Found 2 results

  1. Please ensure you have plenty of food in the dinos or in the dino troughs. For some reason recent updates have made the dinos consume extra food so they will die if not fed on a regular basis. Rencorner is NOT RESPONSIBLE for any dinos dying or which have died due to lack of food. This is YOUR responsibility to feed them. At the moment there is an issue still with the food consumption, this time it's do to with the quetz, argents and pteradons. Please ensure that you have ample amounts of meat on them during flight as they now consume more than normal whilst flying (esp the quetz). Thank you.
  2. I recently had some issues with my hard drive that was partitioned by me, and also of course the OEM partition... Nowadays, any hard drive is partitioned with a SYSTEM, the main C: Partition, and the OEM Partition... Now I added a 'Storage' Partition, and it placed it AFTER the OEM Partition, and I started to have a massive problem anytime I accessed the Storage Partition... It would freeze my comp and have the HD constantly trying to access SOME files on the Storage Partition I created, which caused my comp to freeze because it was trying to access 'Corrupt' files or folders even though CHKDSK would say I have no errors.... Now, after reinstalling windows 2 freaking times, Windows install would NOT allow me to delete the Storage Partition I created even after removing all partitions except the OEM partition during windows install... I was starting to think that my HD was crapping-out on me, BUT came to the decision to delete the OEM partition during Windows install, and THEN it allowed me to delete the Storage Partition I had which I couldn't remove, which so far made my HD more stable again. I'm just wondering if anyone else had this same problem, IF I explained it clear enough, of course, and if it IS the HD crapping-out, should I switch my HD with a new one, because I lost a LOT of stuff off the 'Storage' Partition because of the corruption? I know I didn't make everything clear, but any info would be helpful!