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Found 3 results

  1. This insulter,spammer,CAPS GUY,server advertiser annoyed me and other players! Screenshots: ______________________________________________________________________
  2. TheOrangeGeek 1) bad language 2) many spam 3) maybe,haxer jsharp21 1) many spam 2) bad language 3) CAPS LOCK ENABLED AND WASN`T DISABLED WHEN I ASKED! chyvak 1) many spam 2) bad languare (Attention: I told him "stop spam" on his native language (You`ll not see it on screen) _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Screenshots (there was bad language by Cheat_Guy,TheOrangeGeek and jsharp21 but I`m too lazy to make so many screenshots _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Note: When I prepared this topic,they spammed much more. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  3. This afternoon on server 1 port 7777, a player named Doug has been swearing and insulting others, many people tried a stop him. here is proof. and I have given him warnings. Default) <Doug> fuck you #TooLazyTooCustomize has joined. (Doctor) <Darth Elder> I will report you (Default) <Pooplord> ok that's it (Striker) <[i:548]Gaby67[i:548]> Doug stop insulting! (Default) <[i:547]Phoebe[i:547]> StOnEy BaLoNeY #TooLazyTooCustomize has left. [i:547]Phoebe[i:547] has left. hunterx has left. Macalben11 has left. (Doctor) <Darth Elder> I report you, you get a mute do you want that? (Default) <Doug> i do not give a fuck (Default) <Doug> fuck you (Doctor) <Darth Elder> that's it (Striker) <[i:548]Gaby67[i:548]> Stop it Doug