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Found 2 results

  1. This is my application for Advanced Creative, by me, KingVector11. Questions / Answers : In game name / KingVector11. Plot coordinates / XYZ : -775 66 274 \\\ ID: -9,4 Hidden areas: I haven't made any hidden areas in my plot. Although there is one place underneath the police station that has all the supplies needed to... well to do police business. It's not that hidden really. (It's hidden only for civilians who enter through the front door. Employees may only access the back door made of iron and may also access the supply room). Besides that, I haven't thought about making much hidden rooms.
  2. Got bored so was screwing around with some 3rd party programs to create THIS: 150x37 with 5500 blocks to make, and I took the SS below about 64 blocks away Here's the Image converted to blocks, just zoom in with a picture viewer to see each individual block to create this: