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Found 3 results

  1. Hey folks! As inspired by our wonderful staff over on our Minecraft server, I am hereby announcing our Terraria voting competition!! Here's how it works: Each month will be a different competition. To participate, vote on for us once a day. Server 1 and Server 2 will be counted separately, and the top 3 voters for each month on each server will get special ranks with special perks (and bragging rights) for the following month! Each rank gets a custom, unique tag and color. You also get: 3rd place - Bronze Voter: You get /ptime (set your own time of day visually - no more building in the darkness!), you get to build in /warp donator (where only mods, donators and now voting competition winners get to build), and your max house size increases to 4000 blocks! You will also receive 50 server plat (used for VIP /rank up) for your VIP character. 2nd place - Silver Voter: You get /ptime, the right to build in /warp donator, and a house size of 5000 blocks! You will also receive 60 server plat (used for VIP /rank up) for your VIP character. 1st place - Gold Voter: You get /ptime, the right to build in warp donator, a house size of 6000 blocks (!), and the exclusive /tpnpc which lets you teleport directly to NPCs and bosses! (Seriously, the only other people with this command are admins!) You will also receive 75 server plat (used for VIP /rank up) for your VIP character. FREE GAMES!!!: The top 3 voters of March (staff included!) will be able to choose a game from the following list (note: you must have Steam to be eligible): ARK: Survival Evolved (Tame dinosaurs! Be a badass! We have a server for this one!) Magicka (Weave magic spells with up to 4 friends! Great humor, fun gameplay!) Mass Effect 2 (Epic fantasy with deep storytelling – warning, mature (sexual) content) SimCity 2000 (Oh man, so fun. Build a sprawling city, or just send Godzilla to wreck everything!) Plus, the top winner will also receive an extra copy of Terraria (Do I need to explain this one? Give this copy to a friend and play on our server!) Other notes regarding voting: Mods - if you're thinking 'can I participate and vote too?' the answer is 'you're already supposed to be voting for us daily anyway ;)' However, here's the deal - if you can outvote ME in a given month, I will give you tpnpc and ptime for the following month. I vote on average about 20 days a month, so hang in there 20 days or more will be considered enough! Abuse - As with anything else, abuse of these special privileges may result in them being revoked for the month. You may be given a chance to prove you're responsible with them the following month, if you earn the same/a similar rank. Name and Existing Rank - Please vote using your ingame name. If you vote via Steam, I'll need to talk to you to confirm your identity if it's not obvious. If you already have an existing rank (VIP, for example), you can get the voter rank on another account or replace your VIP for the month if you wish. But Why Should I? I Already /vote! - This is different from /vote. While /vote gives you server plat used for VIP ranking-up, this helps us become more visible on the main Terraria server listing website and helps us bring in more new players! Please do both /vote and website voting daily! (Also note that the website is not as strict about '24 hours' - you can vote once a day between their daily reset, so if it's not the exact same time it's fine.) Now get out there and vote! FOR EASY REFERENCE: SERVER 1 VOTING SERVER 2 VOTING
  2. Do you like free games? Of course you do. Who doesn’t? Well, have I got good news for you! The winners of our voting contest (clicky clicky for more info) will be able to choose one title from the following list of free games as a prize, in addition to the other perks! Top voter gets first choice, followed by 2nd and 3rd voters. (This contest is open to staff as well!!) Last month's winners took home Mass Effect 2, SimCity2000 and ARK: Survival Evolved. Here are the free game choices for the month of April: Ultima VII The Complete Edition (All-time classic old-school RPG!) Magicka (Weave custom magic spells in combat with up to 4 friends! Piss them off with friendly fire! Great humor, fun gameplay! Bleeeeeeeeeh!) Skyrim (Epic fantasy with hundreds of hours of content and tons of modding opportunity. One of my favorite games of all time!) Plants vs Zombies - Garden Warfare (Strategy - who will win, the undead or shrubbery?) Alan Wake franchise (3rd person survival horror shooter - I'd be playing it myself if I had a spine...) Plus, the top winner will also receive an extra copy of Terraria (Do I need to explain this one? Give this copy to a friend and play on our server!) Get out there and vote!
  3. Hello! It's the end of the month, and that means it's time to announce the winners of our voting contest for the month of March! (For more details, check the contest thread!) Top 3 Players (Special Ranks + Server Plat - Mods Excluded) Server 1: 1st place - Gold Voter: Knightofservia 2nd place - Silver Voter: Hypro 3rd place - Bronze Voter: - Server 2: 1st place - Gold Voter: Knightofservia 2nd place - Silver Voter: Herman 3rd place - Bronze Voter: RazvanDuma Top 3 Overall, Both Servers Combined (You win a free game!) #1 - TheHipsterMcGee #2 - jude802 (#3 - Satomi - I am opting out) #3 - Charre Mods Qualifying for Voter-Mod Ranks: Server 1: TheHipsterMcGee (server plat), jude802, Charre Server 2: TheHipsterMcGee (server plat), jude802, Charre Great job this month, folks! We shot up in rank, in spite of our downtime tanking a bit thanks to the attacks. You really help us out by voting daily! April will have its own voting contest with a different list of free games - stay tuned for more details!