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Found 4 results

  1. Hello there, i wanted to know is there a server on i would like to play. if there is please reply me the ip. thanks.
  2. Hello Everyone! Me and a friend have started hosting a public server on unturned :) We dont Get much people on and we wanted the server to be part of this community! On the server theres everything you could get on a popular server including - tpa, kits and feasts. If the server does get a bit popular we might integrate a shop and a curency, but for now we have got the tpa, kits and feasts which happen every 30 minutes but they come in a air drop adncontain very valuable items. Loot does spawn more often and zombies have a higher drop chance as well. Difficulty is normal as well. Unturned is a free game on steam so anybody can try it. ;) Server Info - Server name : RENCORNER | Washinton | LOOT | TPA | KITS | FEAST Map : Washington (can be changed) Mode : Normal Perspectives : Both Cheats : Off Players : max 24 Please give the server a try, even if there isnt many on it. :L
  3. Hey everyone, its been a while but rust has finally been updated to a pretty stable version, With Legacy and the New Version available. I just wanted to get some feedback if anyone would be interested in Rencorner having a server.. Just want to get some thoughts on this and find out how many people have or play the game. Thanks Guys just give some ideas here.
  4. *Important Notice* Our Team Fortress 2 Servers will be moved to another server box. Why? This is to cut down on the lag that has been happening on the servers from in game players commenting on it so they are playing on other servers instead of ours. The current box has several game servers running on it so it will help the Ark server/ Terraria server and the box in general. When will this be happening? Hopefully tomorrow or over the next few days. Once everything has been set up and sorted out I will post the new details and update the Forum/Facebook and Steam Group accordingly. Where will the server box be located? The new box is located in Europe instead of the USA. Cheerz ice.