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  1. Shaitan wishing himself a happy birthday? Jokes, almost the big 40!
  2. Advertisement is definitely key, I used to always spend hours per day making sure all our voting sites were up to the date and to keep reminding people to vote in game, It noticeably increased the traffic and at a point the server was averaging 20-30 people most nights, getting an initial player base of regulars built up is always the hardest part, once you have a constant 10+ people in game more will always join.
  3. hmmmmmmm RIP that old theme
  4. Something extra spooky
  5. Excellent Banter.
  6. Gratz, have fun
  7. hah was tempting indeed, but I had a max price I was willing to pay in mind before I started and believe me I had a 6 core i7 chosen and all this shit but then i stepped back and looked at the realistic price to performance ratios and readjusted to make sure i was under my original budget :L I've never truly left, I still login to forums every so often to see whats happening. Running a MInecraft server for so long took away the magic/discovery elements of that game and just sort of ruined it for me, so I can't ever see myself returning to the game as a player, however Linux does intrigue me and I will be working with it quite extensively come June for a placement job I've got with IBM through University, so working with the Minecraft server could be good experience for that. Never say never
  8. Yeh boii, need dat 4k quality renegade/mc on 3 monitors in a panoramic view setup, why else would I get a computer like this?
  9. I was just going to go for a single GTX980 but it turned out 2 GTX970's was like only £30 more ($45) so just went with them and the Titan is just a ridiculous amount of money and isn't even that special compared to the latest 900 series cards :s
  10. Been working hard at a part time job past year along with uni and now that I've got a nice amount of money saved decided after 7 years I would finally upgrade my desktop. Coming from an Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600, 4gb DDR2 ram, Nvidia GTX260 piece of shit to this, can't wait Really tempted to get a 4k monitor as well
  11. Banter.
  12. Cause I'm all about that banter

  13. Hi

  14. Haha greedy bastards, realistically they are never going to find out / do anything about smaller servers. They will probably crack down on the larger servers with 100s of users.