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    Furthering my relationship with my Heavenly Father. I make mistakes and am a simple fool but I try to better myself for him.

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOBO ROBO!!!! hope you have a good one!

    1. mdogg1108


      Happy birthday!

  2. Thank you Joe!
  3. The minecraft 1.12 has been released, please update, restart, and renew the server. A COMPLETE WIPE would be appreciated at least in Skyblock as in NO ISLANDS, everyone starts new would be GREAT! THANKS! roboman54
  4. Silly Gumby I can't rob, that would be redundant.
  5. I spoke to Joe about adding the spawn eggs also but not to make them too easy to get, 1000 is FAR too cheap imo. I'd say more like 2500-5000 so players can't just spam purchasing. However, they can simply buy a biome change and that will give the chance for animals to spawn. I personally got two pigs and a cow that way, now I've got dozens of pigs.
  6. Of course Joe, I understand completely and also would like to Thank You and warlord83 for the much time and effort put into expanding and bettering the store. It is appreciated!
  7. Joe, I know you don't want to make everything purchasable to keep the difficulty level up, so how about making things just sell-able TO the shop? Things that are obtainable from mobs/fishing for example. Saddles, leather, bows, ender pearls, blaze rods, whither skulls, animal meats, etc. Also, Pancakeman_v3 was asking about clay and currently, I believe, it is unobtainable. Would you please consider adding this to the shop for purchasing? Finally, it would appear that someone has messed up some of the signs in the customs store as several would not work or were simply incomplete. Thank You for your time and consideration! Have a lovely day! Signed roboman54
  8. Your first name Robert Your in game name, also include any other names you use. roboman54 Your age is? 28 Where you are from? Michigan How long you have been playing Minecraft? I've been playing minecraft for about 8 years now, only a few days on rencorner minecraft server though Was our server recommended by a friend? if so, who? I was invited to play and informed of the server and it's address by OSTKdisplay How did you find Rencorner I first found rencorner about three or four years ago because of a friend from another renegade community, StJohnGumby. Do you play any other Rencorner games (ie killing floor, terraria)? I also play on the rencorner renegade server now and then. Thank You for your consideration of this application and have a nice day! P.S. Oh, and MERRY CHRISTMAS TOO!
  9. I leave it up to the admin(s) to decide that. I simply provided the information about the violation.
  10. CORRECTION: you NEVER asked me to stop, I stopped when I got the credits I needed. Your first pm to me was appalling and unnecessary. Wow, you just make stuff up don't you. Doesn't matter, they have the logs.
  11. This is exactly why I came here, it's the straw that broke the camel's back. I was willing to let the appalling pm's from Nov 23rd go. However, when joe refused to do his moderator duties that was it. The fact that joe refused to do his job as a mod, because of the aforementioned incident, was crossing the line. Funny thing is, there wouldn't have been a real incident if joe didn't use such foul and rude language. How hard is it to simply say "excuse me, could you please stop that?" and that would have solved the problem peacefully. Instead of what he/she actually did.
  12. Thanks for the info dippy, now I know. That's the problem, both with the ss issue and the chat log documentation, I know now, not before or during the incident. Now I have it enabled. Thanks again!
  13. If you could only see what was pm'd to me, you'd understand. As stated, I was trying to take ss of it all but wasn't sure what button took them or where they went to, folder. I tried three times to print screen and paste to paint but it the paste button wouldn't activate. It was yesterday, Nov 28th, that I learned that print screen was the correct button but it placed the ss in my documents. Thus, I have three ss of the same quote but it's after joejjj80 started to chill a bit. The initial pm to me was appalling to say the least. I do have ss but it's only the same one since I was unaware. Is there no log on this server that contains the private messages also? I guess that's why joejjj80 used pm then.
  14. I believe Gumby is working on it now, I sent him what I got and he said he moved it to the mod forum or something like that. Didn't get but one ss though, I had read that F9 was the ss button but pushed printscreen trying to copy it to paint. Later learned that printscreen is the right button. Gumby has that on there also I think.