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  1. Oh I meant to mention this. The spawn teleport also puts you underneath the building.
  2. A sea lantern shop would be amazing.
  3. The factions shop works in 1.10, can you use the same plugin?
  4. Lol, where's your SS?
  5. Yeah, I made a lot of money and have nothing to do with it. I don't think there's a survival shop yet. If not I'd like to enter a build competition for it in creative.
  6. Smurfing on EU West, and my shortest ARAM game after:
  7. Yeah
  8. There was an update to McMMO over the past day which means the Alchemy skill now works (it currently gives no xp and can't be levelled): P.S. Good idea for crates.
  9. Looks like it might be a multiverse problem, albeit this post is old: Apparently you should wipe the old MV config and let it refresh for the new build in his particular problem. Also doesn't solve the end portal issue, but I'm guessing it's similar.
  10. Just to renew my compliments before a bug report: Absolutely smashing spawn design and plugin selection, well done . Some quite major bugs with the nether and end portals, however - presumably a conflict between Multiverse/RTP. My nether portal leads me about 2000 blocks from where it should (Overworld coordinates divided by 8, except for y, which remains the same). First it teleports to the right location for about 1 second then teles you again to this new location. The end portal teleports me to mid-air at the end city and I had to place water to survive. Again, it puts you on the obsidian platform where you should be tped to for about 1 second and then relocates you to where I described.
  11. I was thinking more for the server popularity than myself
  12. It's client-side, but I think server-side has the option to disable it, since it didn't work in factions (previous map). Also, multiple non-donators have said prison is too hard, compared to other servers I presume. I can understand you promote hard work more on this server, but the gap between donators and neutral players is quite gigantic, since d3 for instance is better than mine F, and Keen said d5 is better than mine I. In terms of time spent, if we say minimum wage is $8 per hour, it would take 1 or 2 days of full-time work to save you weeks in the prison server, and I think it's fair to say prison is a bit like manual labour for the mind - it's not like a game if it takes too long, thus making a job and the game comparable in this context.
  13. It gets harder, that's the whole point of it, which I presume you know.
  14. Trust me when I say my patience is very large, but for someone just joining and comparing to other servers it will put them right off - the first few levels are typically a breeze in the park, and it will then get much, much harder, which it already does judging by the progressive level costs. You don't want to encourage addicted numbskulls, you want to encourage a fun atmosphere where you work together with a marketplace to get to Z (which should take months to get to).
  15. Just had a first look at Prison, very nice design! However, the first level takes an eternity to complete with coal being worth only $4 per 16. It took me 5 minutes (an overestimate) using iron pickaxes to get 3 stacks of coal, which means it will take me 140 minutes to get to level B, given I already have $656, level B costs $2000 and coal is the predominant income. May I suggest either adding McMMO, increasing the selling price of coal, making the server OP and giving players eff 3 diamond pickaxes to start, or something else. It's not very inspiring on the first out of 26 levels! Unless I'm missing something, you might not want the premiere to be mission impossible!