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  1. agree with this idea , ur weapons won't reload until u r out of vehicle .this will be better than ur vehicle won't reload until u r inside it . Cause shot with vehicle and jump out to repair it is one kind of this trick , i think it's fine to the game . But if u change to reload the weapon u r inside the vehicles this will made vehicles become been destroyed easier ,specially MRLS .
  2. yap just like when u r disarming a prxoy , sometimes third people view can't disarm them but first people view could
  3. can't play at that time 3 am here :( have fun u all
  4. i think u won't drop ur weapons in front of ur enemies ,right?
  5. miss me? lol

    1. rzrbk1018


      Like a herpes sore

    2. apple5168


      grab it lol

  6. Congratulations.
  7. i think it should be allowed , cause i had done that ,too. but killing enemy's vehicles is just a coincidence (or skill!?) :P
  8. oh ! thank u all been busy this weekend but u guys surprise me! love u all and Ren forever
  9. 3 am sounds good to me :P
  10. the original MRLS is good , and most of players has get use to it , and know how to use (defend enemy from back) it . But , 360 rotation has it's own skill and play ways to use MRLS i would like the version to keep two MRLS ingame , so that u can choose which to use will be better for ur team (map) But , never increase the price plz (arty would like to hear this)
  11. I played Renegade when i was 9!
  12. will be these if i'm at home and still awake!!
  13. Congratulations
  14. Dear Manny!!


    long time no see , finally i'm back .


    but i can only back home on weekends .  i will buy a notebook to my dorm room so that i can get online after work


    and i will do this asap :)


    and plz tell everyone Merry Christmas for me !

    1. Manuel857



      Glad to see you back!

      Merry Christmas!

  15. lol , we kill ref then win the game