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  1. Hey gang! Just wanted to let you know I'm not dead yet....thought that was implied but who knows these day. I'm going to be in Dubai on the 31st of July for 5 days of gaming and debauchery...hope to chat with you guys a bit while I'm there. Glad to see you all are alive and still kicking. Renegade or DEATH!!! Peace.... - Griddy
  2. Glad to hear you're doing good man. Well done. I wish you both a speedy recovery. Go easy on that mouse of yours until you're healed up lol :D - Griddy
  3. Thank you Volcom. Anthrax...I understand m8 and I agree with most of what you are saying. I also admit I scare you :) Bring It On :) Much love RenCorner....thanks to Volcom and you all :) - Grid
  4. Hey everyone :) For the past few months I've been playing as Inifity-1 and the mods and owners have continued to let me play without requiring mIRC acknowledgement. For this I am grateful. I know my IP always identifies me and as I don't ever cheat or attempt to modify it using SQL injects behind multiple VPNs, you know it's Gridloc. I've raged by leaving, as I don't always like what I'm seeing and I've tried not to flame, just left silently. I did this for two reasons. First, respect for Trojan/Blackey and Shaitan. Second, the community is so small, RenCorner doesn't need my stupid antics pushing others to Imperial or MPF AOW. I have a disorder known as General Anxiety Disorder and I have sought help for it. I can't promise you an incident free Grid. What I can do is what I've been doing. Limit my play and watch my attitude and responses. I do love this community and I want to be free to restrict myself when needed. This is something I want to work with Shai to do as I owe him the deepest apology of all. I will continue to play silently from Inifinty-1 but if you think I can be trusted to play from -BiO-Gridloc again., I would ask that you consider unmuting me to allow this. Again, my greatest offense is against Shaitan and he deserves the most respect here. Without him RenCorner would be a zombie apocalypse nightmatre and I'M NOT JOKING.....I'm sorry Shai......I've been an ass and if you tell Trojan I'm a go I'll do my best to honor that by acting like a nub and raging when I cant't take it instead of acting like a noob and taking shit.....past actions. I do NOT deserve another chance but I'm exposing myself as Infinity-1 to ask for one. You have my IP. Thank you all for playing at RenCorner. All the best :) - Grid
  5. Accepted who I am..........peace........mute is fine
  6. Hey all! I don't know who muted me last......I don't even care.....I deserved my muting. I might even deserve muting for life. Why not? Okay, so here's the skinny.......I miss some of you......I miss some of you ALOT. I am sorry for being an intoxicated jerk (no, not you Blazin, even sober you're still an idiot). I can't promise you that I, or anybody else for that matter, will ever not need muting again. What I can say is that I would like to be able to not team hamper and be unmuted when I play at Rencorner. I am sorry for constantly letting you guys down in this matter and I will do my best to get it under control or rage and quit AFTER I leave the server. You all don't deserver the bullshit and you might want me to help every now and then or join TS so you can chat with me, I don't know. What I do know is that I'd like to at least try to be better and would appreciate one last chance. I will even stop hating on Shai........damn that was hard. Really though, what say you?
  7. PM me in here and let me know how I can help...........;)
  8. Go Hack Yourself.......wait.......what?   You can't hotfire yourself or rat out?  Aww............bail


  9. I'm sick of the harassment from him and I'll accept his apology if he gives it.
  10. Manuel and I don't get along.......ever. I've tried to play with your full mod in game for awhile and I can't seem to get him to understand. You mute or ban based on evidence......not on hatred. I start the server when I can from 1:30 am to 6:00 am EST. To perm ban me for flaming you really should not one on one me in mIRC to prove your point. Up to you but I'm really tired of Manny and I would accept a 1 v 1 for 8 maps to win my point against him. It's plain and simple harassment. He can't do more than that ever. Let me know when and where. De mod him when I face him......only fair as he's worthless anyway.
  11. My main you running scarred posting in here. Play and stop being a pussy or go away. No matter to me m8. I'm just tired of 3 or 4 others pissed off on your bullshit. Unfortunately for you.........I've got the biggest balls here.......I'll cover them so you don't think you're all that and a clean player Thanks for posting I'll look to snipe you in game to fraps.........:)
  12. Well, toggling requires bot scripts identification.......this is you team hampering because you posted while in game instead of leaving.....always quit first slick. Thanks for the loss on BiO........we all appreciated it. For the record, I'm not saying Headshot4 cheats all the time, anyone with brains would cheat when no mods are on......oh mods were on.........go figure. I'm not shit calling me out doesn't make me qualified to say anything. What I am saying is that your k/d is questionable at best and inside a tank you were not. Who am I? Nobody m8.......just like you. If the scripts reflect nothing shady on you in the last 24 If not, explain it to the owners. -Gridloc game2_2016-01-09_02-46-54-79.avi
  13. Black OPS 4? Yeah, pick it up be advised..........upgrading your current rig may result.....
  14. May the light of Renegade ever shine in your hearts Happy birthday and best wishes from the Grid
  15. I think Nudle was being least I hope he was. Oh yeah, it's possible. It's even possible to transport a vehicle on walls Couldn't believe it until we tested it way back. I don't know if it's still possible. LOL........don't even think of driving them vehicles into buildings....just don't.