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  1. Sheila

    Random Maya Models.

    I have a long way to go. So I'd better wait before showing off my skills :D I have a lot of practising ahead of me. I'm definitely going to work on my cupcake too. You're right, that's the only way to go I guess. Thanks for the tip :) Your models look great to me, I don't know how you can get more professional than that :)
  2. Sheila

    Random Maya Models.

    I used to work for a website which required 3d modeling knowledge below beginner level. I have an interest in modeling ever since then. I've been even watching tutorials recently. So when I saw this topic, I thought I should try doing these as an exercise (They're amazing by the way <3). But oh god, nope.. It seems that I still couldn't improve myself. Here's my retarded cupcake D: Are there any tips you can give for noobies like me to improve themselves better?
  3. Sheila


    I would like to be assigned as a lawyer to defend glitch criminals. As you see in the exhibit below, there seems to be an empty space on the left side of harvester, where my client walked through. As far as I am concerned, this situation arised from a special phenomenon called shitty mining. Well... That was all I wanted to say, your honour D: YKZ's screenshot of scene of crime : My screenshot on multiplayer lan: Morphing two images: Estimated location of harvester on YKZ's screenshot: Bonus (This screenshot is from multiplayer lan, you need to imagine the mines in your minds):
  4. Sheila


    I was in this game too under the name of gigglyluff. I was also in GDI. Apparently he really did kill saibot01 while he (saibot) was holding a repair gun, before he destroyed agt. I don't know if you can kill someone when you're top of agt. I guess only saibot could answer that question. If he also testified against him then I suppose there's no problem :p Note: I added a screenshot from the video that I captured during the game. It's in the attachement section.
  5. Sheila

    The new year 2018

    mikey lol thanks for noticing my hard work. It took me 8 hours.
  6. Sheila

    The new year 2018

  7. Sheila


    Oh mein Gott! You seem really familiar! You're that mop0 guy right? Welcome back
  8. Sheila

    Word Association

  9. Sheila


    redpeony? ykz, was it you all along? :O Also, how can I get that yellow nuke?
  10. Sheila

    Word Association

  11. Sheila

    Summer '17 Funwar + GIVEAWAYS!!!

    In my dream world we won that match. Why do you burst my bubble? :'( Well, the both of the teams were equally amazing to be honest, mine was just a jealousy talk Congrats again!!
  12. Sheila

    Summer '17 Funwar + GIVEAWAYS!!!

    Ahh that was so much fun. I don't remember having that much thrill in the regular games as much as in those 45 seconds. Though, I tried to run after the last apc in the end but I couldn't make it, then I stopped and I just gave it a one last farewell glance... You guys were awesome!! I thought I recorded these moments but apparently I set output folder to the wrong drive and I don't have the record of only the last minutes because drive limit was reached sadly :( Also I couldnt type quickly in the game, but whoever the person who was unsatisfied with destroyal of air instead of refinery was, I'm pretty sure they would caught me until I get to ref. Gozy came right after me in the air. That cheater pig!1! >:( (just kidding <3) I congratulate both my amazing team and the less amazing enemy team. And a bigger congrats to the give away winners! @Goztow I actually have the secret footage of criminal display leaving her post, you got caught dispy
  13. Sheila

    Summer '17 Funwar + GIVEAWAYS!!!

    I want to play this time, too. I hope there isn't a player limit.
  14. Sheila

    I Need a VPN Software Plis

    Ohhh I like "special" things :-) Thank you in advance
  15. Hello! I started staying in a dormitory for a short time and I'm using their wi-fi. But apparently they blocked every way to play online games including ren >:( The only vpn that seems to work for me so far is Hotspot Shield and I exceeded the daily limit and I can't play renegade!! Can any techie person suggest me another good vpn (that works in every circumstance if possible :D) or another solution, please? Thank you :)