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  1. teletubbies
  2. In my dream world we won that match. Why do you burst my bubble? :'( Well, the both of the teams were equally amazing to be honest, mine was just a jealousy talk Congrats again!!
  3. Ahh that was so much fun. I don't remember having that much thrill in the regular games as much as in those 45 seconds. Though, I tried to run after the last apc in the end but I couldn't make it, then I stopped and I just gave it a one last farewell glance... You guys were awesome!! I thought I recorded these moments but apparently I set output folder to the wrong drive and I don't have the record of only the last minutes because drive limit was reached sadly :( Also I couldnt type quickly in the game, but whoever the person who was unsatisfied with destroyal of air instead of refinery was, I'm pretty sure they would caught me until I get to ref. Gozy came right after me in the air. That cheater pig!1! >:( (just kidding <3) I congratulate both my amazing team and the less amazing enemy team. And a bigger congrats to the give away winners! @Goztow I actually have the secret footage of criminal display leaving her post, you got caught dispy
  4. I want to play this time, too. I hope there isn't a player limit.
  5. Ohhh I like "special" things :-) Thank you in advance
  6. Hello! I started staying in a dormitory for a short time and I'm using their wi-fi. But apparently they blocked every way to play online games including ren >:( The only vpn that seems to work for me so far is Hotspot Shield and I exceeded the daily limit and I can't play renegade!! Can any techie person suggest me another good vpn (that works in every circumstance if possible :D) or another solution, please? Thank you :)
  7. I'm so jealous! I want those!!
  8. I'm going to like every comment against snipers because of YKZ
  9. I wonder where all my old ostk clan mates are. I only see vlat and hech in the game. I also miss ik4l3l :(
  10. I love drama. So I want to kindle this topic and I may go off-topic at some point. I think there is nothing wrong with replacing the proxies with pimp ones as long as he does the mining job properly. Everybody does that in the game and there hasn't been any conflict about it so far. Mikey, you expect everyone to act the way you want them to and you get really angry if they act otherwise. I'll talk about something between you and me first. I've kept it inside of me for a while and I just want to get it off my chest now. You called me a slut once told me that I was an egoistic person because I called you a noob. It was a really really long time ago. But I didn't forget it... I still hold a slight grudge against you, because you're the only one who called me a slut in this game in a serious way. I think I'm a little bit vengeful person even though I don't like it. Anyways, in that day I realized you were a short-tempered person. After that, I noticed there were other occasions where you complain about stuff similar to this topic. In short, maybe you need to learn to calm down and don't let such small things bother you.
  11. I know it's a little bit off-topic but is babyfire2 your son or was it someone else's? I think I read it somewhere in forums. If so, can you post a picture of him playing renegade? He plays the game so cutely and noobly. It's adorable (by the way I don't know why but I can't send posts with emoticons)
  12. Thank you so much, gentlemen. That's really lovely of you. I wish a very happy birthday to you, OSTKdefender.
  13. After seeing sexy hotwire and sakura skins everywhere, i decided to create a skin for girls too. and guys. Anyone who has a good taste can enjoy it. I'm not good at creating these skin stuff. But still I think this looks way better compared to my pikachu skin disaster (if anyone is interested in pikachu, you can find it on the ostk forums). Here is handsome Mr. Jonny Depp with abs. Download link:
  14. My suggestion is that tanks should be automatically destroyed or disappear when the owner of the tank leaves. Because of my faulty ethernet port, I've been disconnecting a lot lately and I realized that everytime I disconnect enemies keep stealing my tanks. It's not just me. Everytime a player loses connection in field their tank gets stolen by enemy. I think it would be better if they disappeared along with their owners.