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  1. That is some pretty amazing graphics work
  2. By default, I believe (all) the moderators have access to sethome.
  3. When the forums were updated, the downloads plugin is probably now incompatible. So no there isn't any access to them. :(
  4. The island invite permission has been fixed.
  5. You can do it the way he explained it or you can use worldguard to (dis)allow certain commands through the region flags.
  6. I think this is a trap!
  7. No, the Terraria server is not running on the latest version. We are still waiting on NyxStudio's to update Tshock.

  8. Way to square up and finally put your foot down on the snake to hold it in place. Hope everything works out for you shai.
  9. Parabens!
  10. Met this person today, while working that was playing it. To me, I miss the original Pokemon. This is beyond the parameters of alright.
  11. I am also assuming some of the virtual reality stuff will be there too.
  12. Still waiting for the TShock update. Need to update some plugins for the 1.3.x releases. *insert Star Wars intro music here with titles, credits, and story-line information here*
  13. How about doing a server outside of Japan, like to a US datacenter. That'll be the real bread winner.
  14. I'm fairly certain that anything past 1.9.2 will not work on the server. I may be wrong.
  15. And I knew there was no turning back