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  1. Well if you are in game with someone who owns chivlary you have access to that content so not all hope is lost!
  2. I got excited, forgive me senpai ;-; You talking about the issue with perk changing? Other than that things are running just fine from what ive worked with.
  3. I have the mutator working on my server, I can install it on ours if you would like me to. Also there is a way to edit perks from in game as an Admin so we do have that aspect, it works kind of like but from a menu system when you hit escape. *edit by shai* just tell everyone about levels why don't you
  4. get me numbers
  5. How much does a subscription to roll20 or whatever cost? Honestly it will make things so much easier and I will just pay it if yall want to ehlp just send cash to my paypal and we can work things out. As for what edition, I would say 3.5 I have the most books for 3.5 and know it the best. As for what day. I am off tuesday thrusday and sunday. I usually wake up about 5pm Mountain time. Friday and saturday I could probably go for a bit while I am at work from midnight to 8am Mountain.
  6. I know I have my pewter dice set laying around some where! And thats not nerdy, that is beautiful! And the way I see it if we find someone willing to GM and a time that works for everyone and so on, I would be willing to help cover costs of a Roll20 account or something like that.
  7. Ive got books!
  8. Daddys back bitches

  9. DC

    You get that shit workin? Let me know if you need me to test more
  10. Thank you all for the birthday wishes. Sorry for the late response D:
  11. 23?
  12. Pix and I were having some fun on geoguesser and we found this.
  13. Shai congrats <333
  14. Welcome no... how could you... I just read this before my final...