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  1. xtvwerf

    I MET DOCM77

    Three wins? lol. I have like 20 . Anyways, nice I've been watching his Blitz Survival Games for a while now
  2. xtvwerf

    Lost all my stuff again!!!

    Many people make their living off of Minecraft.. Anyways, there was ANOTHER crash at 10:30AM EST. Still not fixed!
  3. xtvwerf

    PRIZES?!?! CONTESTS?!?!?

    Maybe we could create a separate section in the forums for "Events". Posts about upcoming server events would be there, winners of build contests, and maybe even some sort of a leaderboard for the minigames. Kind of like Keens leaderboard for his Maze, but on the forums. Just some thoughts...
  4. xtvwerf

    Trouble with hoppers...

    Ok, thanks!
  5. xtvwerf

    Trouble with hoppers...

    I am trying to make a automated egg collector, and I'm having a little trouble with hoppers. As far as I know, if you connect a hopper to a chest, items from that hopper should transfer to the chest. Here's a pic of that in my Egg collector: However, when I put items into the hopper, it doesn't seem to transfer to the chest. I believe I am doing this right... maybe it's a bug. Any one else having this problem? Any help is appreciated!
  6. xtvwerf

    I'm back

    Welcome back Peeejay
  7. xtvwerf


    Another ship I just made with a view of the other ships from it.
  8. xtvwerf


    Yeah so Lodestar and I are making a private town and we made a ship The smaller one is Evo's which we went off of to make the bigger one which is ours Evo's: Lode and I's: Enjoy.
  9. xtvwerf

    Iron Golems

    Iron golems are pretty easy to kill. Especially with good bows, swords and armor. They don't do that much damage towards players. They were made in the game to mainly protect villagers, not players. I don't see much of a point in adding this as they don't do good against players. Sorry, just my opinion.
  10. xtvwerf


    There are a few bugs with Walls. Duped Items: I got into a game with Lode, after like 10 mins I timed out. Lode, Duke and I got into another game, when it started I had some of my items from the previous game. Private Chests?: I don't know if this is a bug, or intentional, it says "Created a Private Chest successfully" or whatever. The walls don't drop!: So yeah, Duke, Lode and I played the whole 15mins until it said Let those Walls Drop!!! The walls did not drop. xD Thanks
  11. xtvwerf


    No prob man, no rush. Looks great though!
  12. xtvwerf


    I got in game with Lode, waited about a minute, and still was unable to break blocks.
  13. xtvwerf


    You are unable to break blocks in game
  14. xtvwerf

    Shop Out of Stock

    I didn't lock it....
  15. xtvwerf

    Minecraft Lag issues fixed?

    Over the past few days I have had little to no lag, and no crashes when I was on. Great job Evo!