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  1. BioPrince

    How to Vote for us!

    Tutorial: since no one is voting!
  2. BioPrince

    Agent's Missuse of RenCorner

    1) Most of the commands mentioned as "cheats" were used as, and in combination with, moderating tools. so 100 cheats are better than 234 cheats OK?!? 2) BioPrince has failed to administrate the Minecraft server, by not keeping the server and its plugins up-to-date the last plugin update yesterday. i made a test server (as not to corrupt the world map) which was a possibility of your hasty actions 3) BioPrince has failed to attract a significant number of players to the RenCorner forums, Teamspeak server, IRC server, and to the Minecraft server itself. i added rencorner to the top 4 minecraft advertising sites. you haven't added 1 (and you only voted once!! animoski has voted over 20 times on all the sites combined) 4) BioPrince has wrongly seized property of banned players in-game purely for his own benefit, instead of disposing of the items of the 5 servers i have visited in my 6 months of playing, admins give all property of the griefer spread out among all victims (which i split with memo12memo12) 5) BioPrince has wrongly destroyed player's property within the Minecraft server, such as my own ONLY YOURS! you had over 20 protected areas including 11 in the nether. 100X100 protected areas in a world that is 400X400 (HIGHEST RANKED PLAYERS ARE ALLOWED 4 PROTECTION STONES) 6) BioPrince has abused his powers in not only the Minecraft server as mentioned above, but also in the TeamSpeak server and the forums I have removed only cheaters from the minecraft server along with kicking them from the teamspeak. the forums was a stress induced mistake and i admitted to animoski my wrong doing. 7) BioPrince's agenda likely consists of elevating his own power at the expense of others, such as myself nope. that's pretty much only you at this point. remember when you felt threatened, you removed all my power on teamspeak and banned me? (after i kicked you for cheating and not listening to an admin) 8) There are some details in the above thread that would be considered libel, and I am therefore offended. all information posted above was agreed upon by all present staff.... i could post your wrong doings in full if you like. i am tired of cheaters, i am tired of bullshitters that say "that argument is irrelevant" i am sick and tired of rencorner trying to be taken over by a person that couldn't manage his own community. the 8 lines of bullshit you posted wont get you any sympathy. mostly because its false bullshit. your arrogance sickens me! i offered to let you stay as Head Developer, because that is what you are good at. but your hunger for power can't be stopped. this community is made up of people that put the community before themselves. yourself excluded I'm sorry that you haven't learned anything from this situation. i wish you luck on your future endeavours. BioPrince C.E.O. Minecraft
  3. BioPrince

    Agent's Missuse of RenCorner

    my opinion is that agent be moved to "Head Developer" to help the community behind the scenes. i would like for agent to stay in a helper aspect, so that he can help animoski with server script and take the load off of him. i would like agent to remove himself from power in all games and just play like normal people do. just because you can doesn't mean you should. you are a role model to this community and your actions have tarnished the rencorner name. please help this community and stay as Developer.
  4. BioPrince

    Agent's Missuse of RenCorner

    This issue has got out of hand and needs to be addressed to the entire rencorner community i remember when i joined this community animoski said it was a transparent community and that everyone could find out what was going on after agent was made head admin this policy was shredded and sneaking around peoples backs and hiding back doors in the server were created. the rencorner community has a right to know that agent has been stripped of all authority as of 06 August 2012 - 04:31 PM agreed upon by the majority of all staff members but was not fully enforced his removal of power lasted for a day! he was removed from staff because of backstabbing, cheating, and not being a team player. he has the knowledge to help the community but his priority is to himself is a detriment to the rencorner community he can help by: help manage minecraft: database, ftp, permission, and configs for plugins. help manage teamspeak: permissions, groups, other things i dont even know about help manage the forum: groups, permissions, other things i dont even know about help manage renegade: write scripts, edit scripts written by other people (RnD) and other stuff i dont even know about help manage IRC: write script, update bot he demanded power in minecraft after playing a week. he was warned about his actions on minecraft and was removed from in game power by animoski and used a backdoor with the ircbot to add himself back to power within the game. when told "BioPrince told you not to do that" he said bioprince he isnt here he cheated in game for a week straight because i was not there to tell him not to 1) Cheating in game: [iNFO] [PLAYER_COMMAND] Agent001: /weather sun [iNFO] [PLAYER_COMMAND] Agent001: /fly ‘*’ (27) [iNFO] [PLAYER_COMMAND] Agent001: /feed ‘*’ (36) [iNFO] [PLAYER_COMMAND] Agent001: /heal ‘*’ (40) [iNFO] [PLAYER_COMMAND] Agent001: /gm ‘*’ (25) [iNFO] [PLAYER_COMMAND] Agent001: /give ‘*’ (51) [iNFO] [PLAYER_COMMAND] Agent001: /more ‘*’ (12) [iNFO] [PLAYER_COMMAND] Agent001: /top ‘*’ (37) [iNFO] [PLAYER_COMMAND] Agent001: /repair ‘*’ (6) total commands used by Agent001 in 1 week (421) total cheats used by Agent001 in 1 week 234 55.6% of commands used by Agent001 during the week of July 29th to August 4th were cheats agent's demand for power is getting in the way of himself he is only hurting himself in this situation he can be very beneficial to this community as the head of rencorner development but by demanding power for his service is not something any server needs If you have an opinion please feel free to post it with out recourse! (no punishment for any comments you make) your right to speak out will be protected and your post will not be deleted.
  5. BioPrince

    Screen Shots! of Minecraft

    anyone can post screen shots of their minecraft creations here.
  6. BioPrince

    How to Vote for us!

    EVERYDAY you should vote on the 3 sites above make a post on minecraftforums with a suggestion on how to improve our server. if you can't think of something comment about someone else's post. this is used to help us find out who in the community is involved with minecraft and who wants it to expand and prosper. BioPrince
  7. BioPrince

    How do I get minecraft to install?

    you downloaded minecraft but are not premium. you have pay $27 one time for minecraft unless the price has changed. ALSO if you download it from minecraft.net you will be downloading 1.3.1 and our server is run on 1.2.5 until the plugins update try to find a copy of minecraft 1.2.5... we look forward to seeing you on the server
  8. BioPrince

    Screen Shots! of Minecraft

    All Screen Shots of your creations are welcome and if yours get +10 likes it will go on the PlanetMinecraft Post!!! for all to see. Starting off with Lundy004's creation!
  9. BioPrince

    Corrupt A Wish

    granted but you gain all the weight they lost i wish for a giant creeper
  10. BioPrince

    Creeper Explosions

    can we remove the repair guns from Renegade. yeh they're annoying.
  11. BioPrince

    Creeper Explosions

    creeper damage is rolled back just the same as if a person did it... I don't see the validity of that argument I Vote No
  12. BioPrince

    Corrupt A Wish

    granted but you died choking on shit. i wish for cake
  13. BioPrince

    How to Vote for us!

    VOTE DAILY TO HELP EXPAND OUR GROWING COMMUNITY! 1) The Planetminecraft.com Post needs you to vote every day. 2) Minecraft Server List . Com has been added 3) 4) 5) http://minestatus.ne...3-rencorner-net Vote Daily! Vote Daily! Vote Daily! there are 3 sites to vote on: 1) http://www.planetmin...server-new-map/ 2) http://minecraftserv...org/server/9543 3) http://minecraft-ser...m/server/85261/ AND comment with a suggestion that will help improve RenCorner Minecraft on Minecraft Forums! 1) http://www.minecraft...o-pvp-no-grief/ This topic will be updated when we add ourselves to different websites. ~Shadow
  14. BioPrince

    World Limits, please vote

    when the server hits 20 people online at once the border will expand to 5000 in all directions and warps will be added at 2000, 2000 X,Z -X,Z -X,-Z X,-Z and will be named North, South, East, and West until changed. the warps will be used as mini-spawns and help players have a place to meet and trade. only Trusted and up will have these warp permissions. default will have to walk until they proved themselves worthy of trusted. the nether will be a good way to get around until they become trusted. ~BioPrince C.E.O. Minecraft
  15. BioPrince

    Cracked or Premium

    This is a poll to decide if the server becomes premium or stays cracked BioPrince