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  1. Then they could just give a certain tolerance to the color detection. something like if(red> minRed && green < maxGreen && blue < maxBlue). It might start firing if you aim at red stuff but then again we can't ban someone for shooting the top of hon . Also this only solves TB for those who use that method to shoot, not the ones who actually find the flag in memory...
  2. they were meant to work on toasters :p
  3. Nice hard-coded values :p
  4. It's Java actually but these are low level operators anyway :p You guys misunderstood me, I'm not flipping out on the game in particular, but more on the general idea saying that "programming is simple" when it's not!
  5. Quote from the game: "Don't worry if you've never programmed before - programming is just puzzle solving. If you strip away all the 1's and 0's and scary squiggly brackets, programming is simple, logical, beautiful, and something that anyone can understand and have fun with! " I'm not okay with this >:( What happens when you actually need to use the 1's and 0's like I've been doing all night yesterday huh?! You'll end up in a mess that you don't know how to dig yourself out from because you never learned the basics and went with the "oh programming is simple and fun with games *insert flowers and rainbows*" crap ! Here's some squiggly brackets for you, along some nice pointy bit-wise operations, some castings, an allocation and assignments, how simple C: byte[] xBytes = new byte[]{ (byte) (x >>> 24), (byte) (x >>> 16), (byte) (x >>> 8), (byte) x}; I REALLY HATE all these promotions trying to promote programming as simple. IT IS FUN but hell no it's not simple ! All this is doing is getting people shouldn't be allowed to code to take jobs of people who can actually do it (not me I got a decent job :p) I know it's not the place for it but I just couldn't resist + I got a mechanical keyboard that's clicky and fun to type with that I try to squeeze every second of typing now lol No offence wool ;) OFFENCE TO THE PEOPLE WHO TRY TO PROMOTE PROGRAMMING AS SIMPLE >:( *feel free to delete this rant or move it or hide it or put it as desktop background or w.e just please stop this "programming is simple propaganda" , it makes me sad :(
  6. It's not the placement. The house looks like it's floating because there are no shadows under it :p
  7. Who might that be ... ?
  8. I like the !donation Other games have mechanics to "share" , for example in CS:GO you can drop your weapon. In Renegade we respawn as it's not round-based and we need to for other players to buy tanks while we are mid-field so !donate is needed.
  9. "get in the vehicle" + "I need repairs" = I have a hotwire and you have a sniper, but I need to repair so get in so no SBH can steal it. People usually get it
  10. never , he was hungry and I was getting lucky :p Do you even play anymore EHH ? haven't seen you in a while
  11. How old is your battery exactly? The problem with laptop batteries is that they can't re-charge once they get to 0%. That's why your operating system (windows probably) will shutdown your laptop at 8% so you could recharge. A good trick is to throw the battery into the freezer, that way the atoms get closer together. It's like squeezing up that 1% charge so you could recharge. It worked for me twice. Now in order to do that: you should wrap your battery with something like newspaper or cloth or tissue paper so it absorbs the condensation of water shall it happen. Also put the whole thing in a plastic bag. Throw it in the freezer , let it in overnight Some say when you take it out try to tap it on your hand. The corrosion that might have happened can "flake off" that way Let the battery rest at room temperature Plug it in, and re-charge I don't think it's any harm if you try this and it failed Else, get a new battery. Which will cost you around 90$, so if your laptop costs around 300$ (in today's market not when you first bought it), then I'd say it's not worth it so just live with it for a while and get a new one.
  12. HAHAHA I forgot about that one !