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  1. vlatkozelka


    The game just feels stupid to me, too ... "arcady" if it makes sense. What I mean is, in PUBG for example, you have to really care about your surroundings, use every bump in the landscape to your advantage. In Fortnite, you hide behind a tree and they just shoot it down. You work your way into flanking a team, and suddenly as you get the finishing shot, they start building shit. There's really no making use of the map, but just whoever is faster at building + shooting wins. Just not my style of shooters
  2. vlatkozelka

    dear cj

    ehh is probably used to the LSD effect :p
  3. vlatkozelka

    What does your gaming cave look like?

    yeah I', very picky about that. Even the back of the PC is glass
  4. vlatkozelka

    What does your gaming cave look like?

    that's custom water cooling. I had to improvise a bit for the drain port andthe gpu because it's really hard to import that stuff here. Now waiting for one of my friends to come from Europe, maybe ship some rigid tubing and fittings with them
  5. vlatkozelka

    Hey There

    SpEeDr UsEs ChEaTr
  6. vlatkozelka

    Core unlocking / ove clocking

    dude the last gta they made was gta 5, you're all up to 1060? Do you mean gtx? :p
  7. vlatkozelka

    Website Revamp - Post any issues here

    Both are 13px, but left one is a lot easier to read. I'm on a 27'' 1440p screen, I really doubt it's the problem the 13px font-size isn't bad. The almost solid black background makes it hard to read for me. #0a0a0a is almost identical to #000000 for the not too girly person :p If you look at your signature, where you're quoting ehh, that's a background color I'd use for "black" At any rate, I can apply a custom css just for rencorner, just for myself :P thanks for the reply
  8. vlatkozelka

    What does your gaming cave look like?

  9. vlatkozelka

    Website Revamp - Post any issues here

    A tad bigger font please. Right now it's 13px... I can barely read my own post. Especially with the dark background. Either a larger font, or a slightly lighter background instead of the solid black
  10. vlatkozelka

    High Resolution Playerlist

    So are your jokes ^ joking in your style there. It makes no sense, but in your mind it does.
  11. vlatkozelka

    High Resolution Playerlist

    The post is about high resolutions mdogg :p 864 is calculator resolution kidding haha Also... Text in Renegade is a texture O.o
  12. vlatkozelka


    Joetorp man, Shai said Trump is removing all Obama rules, which is true about net neutrality, you're the one who brought up ObamaCare as an argument to repeal Net Neutrality. Anyway, I was trying to get a reasonable explanation to NOT wanting Net neutrality. Found none ! you WANT to pay for the internet like you pay for grocery you WANT carriers blocking whatever content they want you WANT start-up companies to die before they see the light cause they can't promote their traffic you WANT your bill multiplied by paying once for the service and 100 times for each "bundle" you WANT to priorities your internet use because carriers want it (soon you will have to choose to Game in April and Chat in August cause that's how you can afford your internet bundles lol) you WANT the internet to be controlled by governments, and not be free ... All the above are negatives about repealing Net Neutrality in my eyes, and somehow positives in yours. THE ONLY positive thing about repealing NN is not meant to benefit people. THE ONLY "positive" is that carriers get to "not allow his traffic in my lines" . If you only knew how funny it is what they are asking for Joe, I really wish you knew...
  13. vlatkozelka


    Forgot to ask : wtf does Obama care have to do with Net Neutrality? Your hate for one party just makes it justifiable for the other to fuck up human rights?
  14. vlatkozelka


    Like I said, no one supports the repeal for it actually being good, but only because "Obama was bad, repeal Obama's rules" You proved this multiple times Joe I don't care one bit about the political side of this (I'm not even Amercian lol). I'm talking from a purely technical perspective, as a person who studied how the internet works. It wasn't designed to be "bundled" nor chocked, it was designed neutral. If carriers like Verison want to whine about certain websites hogging traffic, they can apply bandwidth limit. Pai and his FCC have ZERO valid reasons to repeal, besides it being Obama's rule. Oh and about "The internet was doing fine before Obama". Well because the abuses didn't exist before. It's like abusing a bug in renegade: the bug is there since the game was made, but only when it gets abused do we make proper rules, and you don't see people saying "But it was just fine before the rule"... this is exactly the case of net neutrality. Only recently we started seeing "bundles" and ISP's blocking off certain websites, that's why the rules only came forth in 2015. Hell I want these rules in Lebanon, we already have Internet that can only carry "What's App" data lol. How you see the repeal as a "way to help competition" is beyond me. How ISPs and carriers being able to control who sees what "helps competition" I also don't understand. It's just sad to see people like you get so into political conflict that they forget the reality of things.
  15. vlatkozelka


    Well as I understand it. The only reason people like you support the repeal, is because Obama put them (or at least in his era), instead of supporting it for it actually being good.