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  1. The reason for this massive irc link is, Renegade-X is on the horizon and we know Renegade won't last for ever so we are wanting to push into this new game as fast as we can and make it more popular and what way to do this by uniting the most 2 powerful Renegade community's together and helping each other out in order for this to succeed this had to be done this was discussed by the Owners of each community Trojan of Rencorner and Raven of Jelly-server so if you have any questions just post a message on here and Ill answer it for you guys Regards,
  2. All Services are back online sorry for the downtime on minecraft all the maintenance is over so go back to building. Regards,
  3. Linux is a pain in the arse to work with at first but now I got used to it :D

  4. Finally Ice has returned home Regards,
  5. Sorry for the downtime MC users Strike is working on this we are just waiting for the backups to upload its 22 GB file so will take sometime. Regards,
  6. IRC will remain up when this maintance is on going as they are now hosted on a new server box which access is highly restricted atm. Regards, Tiny.
  7. The hosting machine that hosts all the VPS's we host will be down Friday and Saturday 24th-25th of January @ 9am GMT for a full server re-installation. So Im afraid MC will be down for the weekend due to all this maintenance. Myself and Strike will be working on this box so we will be busy. Regards, Tiny.
  8. The IRC Hub server will go down for maintenance today downtime should be no more than an hour just to apply updates to the server and fix a few bugs I have come across as well. Time will be 6PM GMT (5PM EST) (12:00pm Central Time) Regards, Tiny.
  9. D4rkz. Slayer21 did have the same avatar as JKS does now.
  10. Change your address to mc.rencorner.com and it should work again and for the version I have no clue...
  11. I have to agree with Xpert here (Took me a while to think this through ) but he is right the only Clanwar players I see there are Volcom, Whiskey and h3lldoom but I am sorry if half of you quit out cause you were losing (your doing what I like to call an MPF lose one map then fuck off and rage quit) its just a game gumby and a few other people spent time organizing this and it went well until certain people decided to throw the teddy out the cot just remember these games are very rare now there is no Major clan wars like there was 8 years ago in Renegade this is the best thing we can do now to get all the Renegade players together. So for future reference have some respect for these events dont just say fuck it Im done cya play and have fun work with your team. Regards, Tiny. Rencorner.com Support www.Rencorner.com Tiny@Rencorner.com
  12. Well well well long time no see old friend havent seen you for a good few years I know we could do with your expertiese round this place and Welcome to Rencorner Regards, Tiny. Rencorner.com Server Technician www.Rencorner.com Tiny@Rencorner.com
  13. Im going to be upgrading all the IRC servers to version UnrealIRCd and the IRC services will be getting upgraded to Anope 2.0 this will happen on the 30th of December so expect IRC to be down for an hour or so I will post the new features of anope that are available to the public in another post so keep checking for updates.
  14. Display you throwing your cat out the window again ffs what have we told you young lady ...
  15. TF2

    I will discuss with Rob about starting TF2 for Rencorner we will discuss it and get back to you guys on our decision