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  1. That is some epic broken Irish hahahaha
  2. La Fhéile Pádraig (Happy, St Patrick's day) as we say in Irish! :)Hope you guys all have a great day
  3. <3 Gozy
  4. <3 kesha
  5. LOLOL
  6. My first 100 bomb so far!
  7. oi Europeans, use the Czech mirror, works 4x faster than the German ones
  8. after using 2 monitors for the past while i don't think i could ever go back to 1! I find it useful for obviously doing 2 things at once (like research on 1 monitor, Microsoft word on the 2nd) I also use 1 screen for IRC/Teamspeak sometimes when I'm in game, so i know who's there without having to tab out Even for simple things like watching a video on 1 and browsing on the other make it so much more convenient!
  9. Ironic
  10. at one point I was watching a CS:GO tourney too as well as having leveledit and a bunch of other programmes open and it was killing my FPS!
  11. They will have absolutely minimal effects on fps if anything. my fps is all over the place in some of the photos because I had other things running in the background for some of them. so don't worry about any fps problems at all
  12. They'll be in the server soon
  13. So about 5 years ago myself and Blacky talked about improving some maps in renegade and eventually (rather late than never) they have been finished and will be placed in the server shortly! We also have a few more on the way ! City Flying RxD: Field RxD: Islands RxD: Uphill RxD: Volcano RxD: Siege RxD: