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  1. So basically, this ordeal is entirely overblown as i highly HIGHLY doubt April was being racist. Facts: 1. Rambo6 always refers to woj as TARboy 2. AprilWar is infatuated with Rambo6 3. Tarboy has something to do with sheep shearing. 4. Tarboy != tar baby 5. The use of language dictates meaning, not the other way around. #FreeGaypril
  2. WHAT DOES TAR BOY MEAN AND WHY IS IT A RACIAL SLUR? I just thought it was woj's nickname from rambo...
  3. Mmmm it's one of my favorites if I have to suffer through under. SOMEONE, get an apc or go short tun, take the agt shots-- I'ma nuke pp! Hardly ever works, worth the try, I don't see why it's disallowed. ESP with the ob walking on nod's side. Most of the time, lag takes me back off the pole and I die to AGT 2nd round rockets. BUT OKAY! GUESS I'm not trying it anymore!
  4. I'ma be honest... I didn't know this wasn't allowed.
  5. So if you get the vehicle crate while in the tuns... Best crate
  6. I keep trying to shout, but it keeps asking me if I'm sure. I say OK, but it doesn't shout :(


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      It works again.

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  7. Just thought Rencorner needed a nice positive thread and credit where it's due Because you know, this place gets a lot of shit-posts and complain threads. P.S. it's all thanks to soadfan
  8. I don't know if the player base changed or if it's a direct result of the recent changes made to the mara server, but Rencorner has had some very good, competitive games as of late. We play field, timed or untimed, and it's not just a sniper fest anymore. People are buying tanks and shit, it's awesome! Congratulations to RC for pulling yourself out of that drag you were in. The games are really fun now.
  9. one is too many*
  10. Actually no you can't I was sleepy when I wrote that and was thinking about something else. You could try this: http://ahkscript.org/
  11. You could use xpadder or joy2key to remap them to something else.
  12. It's just so odd for me to see all these helpful posts by ehh. Odd, but nice! Nice job ehh!
  13. goddammit sern "attempt" My first attempt involved a lot of friendly fire. Here you are MLG sniping again! Nice video
  14. but for god's sake don't defrag your SSD