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  1. Well, it was tj65...whatever. He was the one complaining teams were unfair and asked which of us would change, (just trying to do his job). Me and kirill both told him teams were fair. He didnt believe us, threatened to kick one of us if we didnt change, Kirill kinda egged him on and told him to kick iznogood...he waited to see if one of us would switch for a few minutes, then got mad and kicked Kirill for not switching. I immediately issued him a !warning for kicking a mod. Then Kirill explained it to him from IRC. I understand why he did it, but he should've. 1. Listened to us when we told him teams were fair...(hard to believe when your screen shows they are unfair.) 2. FTC'd instead of kicking a mod that he thought was playing unfairly. I thought the !warn would remove his powers temporarily, but I don't think it did, bot said he was never a temp mod to begin with, or something of that nature. It was really just a glitch with the server, but it could have been handled better.
  2. Maybe we could limit the purchases on tanks to 1 of each......same with weapons, or maybe a 5 minute time limit in between purchases. I hate long field games, but an 11 hour one would have the server full for 11 hours.
  3. I got the da vinci 1.0 from XYZprinting and I'll PM you a link to the model, I'm not sure its appropriate to post it here.
  4. So i got a 3d printer, and downloaded the model I want to print, but I need to stretch it out a bit and cut off the unnecessary parts. Seems like a simple thing to do, but I cant seem to figure it out. I've tried 5 different programs, and always some compatibility issue. I've ended up with Sketchup which seems like it will work, but I have no clue about modeling. I did the youtube tutorials on it, (like 7 videos), and can't find what I'm looking for. If any of you have experience with 3d modeling, I could use some help. Id be happy to print out something for you in return, if anyone can help with this.
  5. Stan Lee pwns em both. nuff said
  6. True or not, I like the story. Your a fucking hero Bad. As far as all the self-defense tips. None of them would've worked, except for "being the wrong guy". I'd leave out the part about not being able to see them, since you said there was 3 and they were talking behind you. Also the part, about buying the water...since you could've called home with the same money, and had someone pick you up. (maybe they don't have payphones there) And maybe the part about people trying to pick you up, if you were so messed up that people on the street stop to help...why not borrow a phone. Here, the only people to stop and "help" just video tape you, and upload to Youtube. Also, the media, its a bit much......"my child has been missing for a couple hours", is not really a story all the press is gonna pick up and go announce live, but maybe you meant an Amber Alert. Anyway, nice job on getting forums active, and surviving your kidnapping.
  7. I like that idea. I'd like to add an "Ion Pulse" or "Underground Nuke" that EMP disables all vehicles on the map AND the base defenses of both teams, for 60 seconds or so.
  8. Is that the new order? If so, it looks good.
  9. Well Shai, Think of it this way, you didn't have to replace those 2 good parts, you thought were bad (seems like their is always 2), and you didn't have to make 4 trips to the auto parts store, (where they always give you the part that is "compatible" but never fits). And...you still have all the skin on your knuckles, and...you dont have to wait 3 days to get all the grease out from under your fingernails. It still sux, but it ain't all bad.
  10. Can you check to make sure the bug doesn't happen on the original map too? Don't wanna trade one problem for another.
  11. NIce setup, pretty close to my own. If your going for high end gaming, consider a high refresh rate monitor. It made the biggest improvement in gaming, of any upgrades I have ever done to my PC.
  12. RxD_Siege has got to go or be fixed. I love this map, but something with the textures in the tunnels makes every thing aimed at it....jump all over the screen. A sniper can just stand in tunnel entrance and noone can hit him, not even with a tank. Just take it out, shouldn't have to have a petition to remove a map that is fucked up.
  13. FREE UPGRADE.....help him clean out his junk drawer, M0nster. Random acts of kindness should be encouraged, help make the world a better place.
  14. Sorry bud. You didn't get any help over at RenegadeX forums? Seems like it should at least launch and just have real low FPS if your PC can't handle it.
  15. I was gonna apply for the Dick role......... Now WTF am i gonna do with this $650 a month I had set aside? Oh well, I'm outa toilet paper, guess I can use it for something.