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  1. lawtonhughes

    2018-01-26 Birthdays

  2. Happy Teenager Day...I mean Happy Birthday :P

  3. lawtonhughes

    2016-01-26 Birthdays

    Thank You All
  4. lawtonhughes

    Minigame Bug

    Well I guess minigames wants me to be temp but last time i check i was trusted + as i am in other gamemodes.
  5. lawtonhughes

    Faction Spawn

    The level 30 enchantment table is a bit much, but everything else is good.
  6. lawtonhughes

    14+ discussion forums

    16 Lets Go
  7. lawtonhughes

    Faction Ideas.

    1. /sethome was remove for having one by an enemy base is not fair 2. Kit Iron is fair and not overpower and we should not have any other kits 3. 1v1 2v2 3v3 etc is what kitpvp for 3. Dear god no donor perks in faction pls 4. the spawn is fine 5. Warzone may seem to be the only good thing on this list but have to be tested
  8. lawtonhughes

    Team Fortress 2: INVASION UPDATE

    The Maps are fine but the reskin weapons and the cosmetics are not really good in my option.
  9. lawtonhughes

    Team Fortress Gun Mettle update.

    Only thing i can think of is go to hightower and try to kill rocket jumpers the reserve shooter....good luck.
  10. lawtonhughes

    Shaitan promoted to Co-Owner

    Grats Shai
  11. lawtonhughes

    FlamingFury Peace Out America!

    in words of the soldier from tf2 "You was really good son really good maybe even the best." good luck dude
  12. lawtonhughes

    Minecraft People (Part 3)

    i have been gone for a bit so let me ask some two things 1. why do we keep building new hubs and 2. is minecraft people just a list of what flaming thinks the server should be :/
  13. lawtonhughes


    ./f map in factions shows an area of blocks (with u being in the middle) showing u if some of the blocks are claim by factions. Now Why am I in this?
  14. lawtonhughes

    Minecraft 1.8 Is Here

    Minecraft 1.8 is finally here! And u know what that means...
  15. lawtonhughes

    Trusted 3DsPro (accepted)

    ok what is with people and putting the trusted app in the wrong place