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  1. I used the gold sniper back in 2008 and it never gave me an advantage.
  2. I now have removed all skins from my data folder @gozy. They don't really help much anyway.
  3. haha sheila, I thought you already knew. rackz posted the link for yellow nuke. Yes, I use the same Ion/Nuke skins that rackz posted. I have seen worse.
  4. Tank shells makes only sense when veh limit is 8 like back in the days. Also, if veh limit is 8 Nod won't be able whoring the WF on Field with 203992334828 Arties!
  5. That was before I had my Elgato(game capture HD60). I recorded that buggy rush on Walls with fraps and the quality was shit, so i deleted it. Now, I use two computers: one for playing, the other for recording.
  6. I had no problem with wnx yesterday, otherwise I would have posted a Video about it. Most of our fights were in the open without hug. Maybe one kill was invis, but I don't think he did it on purpose.
  7. I created a new youtube channel yesterday. I will upload more rushes, sniping and full gameplays in the future. 2 Videos are already online:
  8. Nice rotation. I first hatet mars, but i'm slowly starting to like it. I can't say much about Volcano_Flying since I only played one game. I find the map is too small to have orca/apache but I need to play some more games to find out if I like it or not. I hope it's now possible to destroy orca/apache with ramjet.
  9. I know it will never be like this, but my rotation would look like this: Field_RxD - Complex - Islands - Niagra - City_Flying - Canyon_RxD - Siege - Volcano - Under_RxD - Bio - Walls_Flying - Complex - Snow_RxD - Hourglass - Field - Islands_RxD - Glacier_Flying - Canyon - BunkersTS - Mesa - Walls - Volcano_RxD - Under - Uphill_RxD - City - Tomb Green = New maps that are already in the rotation. Red = New maps that are not in the rotation yet. GOLD = ONE OF THE BEST MAP EVER.
  10. I want to see BunkersTS back in the rotation!
  11. hmm, I think I would play more if there were more maps. Siege is very important and needs to be fixed as fast as possible. I liked BunkersTS, idk why it was removed. Edit: Sand should be replaced with C&C_Crevasse
  12. I'm also for removing !weapon, or at least pic/rail, ramjet and srep.
  13. fixed