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  1. its OSTK vs. so i can FORBID MY clan from participating i see 3 yes from OSTK side and 2 maybes - a selection i have spoken is just put on the list to begin with dark who did you talk to from OSTK to get the green light in arranging this? Flappy
  2. i respect the fact that you are rencorners funwar organiser, however im OSTK's clan leader and i forbid my clan to participate in this war going to be wnx and allies vs sync and allies so to c deleting my post will not change the fact OSTK isnt playing in this war for questions hit me up at irc
  3. sorry guys, the funwar is not going thru, just heard about it and ive decided to cencel this. i dont post on these forums often so if ya want me to say no again to you visit me at irc Flappy.
  4. no homo?
  5. i like the rest tho
  6. good to know that after an intense battle of field i can leave game and get sum rest until snow is over
  7. why not hold the ability to buy arties and mrls for the first 4 -5 mins of one of these maps? (dk if its already said but its a bitch to read lol)
  8. heroes
  9. yay einstein lol
  10. hippy bday G
  11. lmao the salesguy wasnt far from shitting his pants XD nice vid! XD
  12. thanks a lot guys without RC idk if i would still be playing renegade today! Ani you gave me and OSTK a home server and were gratefull were part of the full 1 year history!! i hope many more may come as good as this one was! rest of the staff thanks for putting in so much hours of thought help development to make RC as it is today! we can be proud of the team and how we represent in the games this community is in! Flappy