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  1. congrts drone and All the best to ur family tried to catch u on irc but u seem to be off when I on lol
  2. i would 100% use this to do my Delivery's, tht would be some fast takeaway food
  3. on the left side of ur vid u can see like 4 name's , is tht some sort of Ts plguin in? if so can i DL it?
  4. ok i understand now, though u ment god with vet rank i think whitedragon was working on creats the other day mabey i am wrong.
  5. what i ment was, if u been playing field for 20 mins and ur a Brigadier vet rank and u get the god creat u will be god with..... 75 - 100 Brigadier, 15% increase to infantry health, 10% increase to vehicle health, 10% discount on all purchases. now i havent seen a god creat in SOOO long but i think it was stupid like 300-350 hp. so with vet u'll have 345-402hp then u get armour on top lol. thats just an example.
  6. i havent been a spy for a while, but the old spy's when u kill a building u became a sbh so the AGt/OBi could hit u, on this server you stay as a spy, did you guys make it tht way ? or is tht class'ed as a bug?
  7. lol @ billie, thanks for the help drag, realy appreciated personaly didnt know the full % info. only what it says when i got in a tank
  8. i had added tht lol. you can still pick up rail if your on gdi tho.
  9. edited a little bit , if u spot any mistake please edit (mods) or msg me thanks.
  10. guess i'll fix this topic this weekend.
  11. god with general vet , overpowered? +1 for kami remove tht gay ass refill whats the point of unlimited ammo and geeting a refill
  12. personaly i'd trade 900000 of ur sandwhich for 1 f***ing cold cure, the 1st person to invent a cure for the common cold will become the richest EVER! p.s COFFEE > all them sandwhich / turtles and rock teeth
  13. My wol shows the player shai Bit like this Server. Players Rencorner.ner (10/50) 4/50 Near the server name it tells me the players
  14. i hate the fact tht food tht taste SO nice is bad and ya have to go to the gym for 3 hr to burn off 1 meal :@ i hate the fact i work seasonal and hvae 6 months off (trust me if u had 6 month off each year u would get sick) i hate it when your trying to prove some 1 is cheating , then some 1 else kicks him without proof my biggest hate i hate it when you wake up, make coffe and these NO MILK :@
  15. "tuus666 has made xFastIII RAGEQUIT FORUMS!" just messin whats up man, nice to see ya round here i'll be on ren bit later today unless i get called to work, hope to see ya there