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  1. haha yeah shes a looker eh boys? go ahead
  2. Check out this wallpaper I made for Rencorner! Tell me what you like and please check out the video and give a like if you liked it!
  3. Well during E3 Sony and Square Enix announced they are working on a remake of Final fantasy VII, which growing up was an amazing game for me and I loved playing it So seeing this really got me excited and ready for the Nostalgia of an old favorite of mine being remade! Well the Other day they released a game play trailer and well I am ready haha, tell me what you guys think! Trailer video
  4. Working on adding more to the logo soon :) hope everyone likes it! 

  5. Ill add dinos to the logo! and maybe terraria!
  6. Hey everyone, its been a while but rust has finally been updated to a pretty stable version, With Legacy and the New Version available. I just wanted to get some feedback if anyone would be interested in Rencorner having a server.. Just want to get some thoughts on this and find out how many people have or play the game. Thanks Guys just give some ideas here.
  7. Well I was very uncertain if this game would be anygood at all, but I wanna thank Shai and JKS for showing me it and letting me have a few hours of fun ahha, built a sick house and had some fun haha Going to have to give it more of a try!
  8. That was hilarious haha, I love how the naked won
  9. happy birthday rob
  10. Hey everyone its Sketch here, Well been focusing on trying to help Rencorner grow and our Facebook page is almost at 100 likes! So all our users that have Facebook, it would help a lot if you like our page, or the top right corner of this page hit the blue LIKE button and its that easy, we are so close! Also we are trying to get the Rust servers a bit more populated before the big updates come out in the next few weeks, So to help us out it would mean a lot to get our server higher up on the Most voted Rust servers list. To vote for us go here and you can vote once a day and we can get that rank up! Thanks so much everyone
  11. Well I have played on a server that had an airdrop like every 20 minutes or something it was pretty nuts haha, But these are all great ideas, I just know once the big update comes to rust we will all be playing again. Things that could help is us voting yes, Ill try and get guys to vote, and maybe we can set up a certain time of day or week were we can all try and log in at the same time? get around 10 people on the server would be nice.
  12. had alot of fun tonight designing the maps and testing them out with you guys, was a blast!
  13. Thanks everyone!
  14. Hey guys its Sketchz Here! We would like to say thanks to us having over 1000 Members! Such a far way Rencorner has come and to celebrate this, I designed a wallpaper for Rencorner Featuring all the games we host here. I also recorded myself making this video and turned a 2 and a half hour video into 4 minutes showing how the image was designed, Its pretty neat, check it out and give some feedback The video is here and the wallpaper here Also we are planning on hitting off hard for Social media, Rencorner has its own Facebook page, please head over and like that here That way you will keep up to all the latest Rencorner updates and events. -SKeTcHz