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  1. Have fun! Safe travels!
  2. Lets try something new. Everyday I am going to try and post a song here. I will try and make up for any days that I may miss. I feel that you are able to learn a lot about a person and who they truly are based on the kind of music that they listen to. The music I post may be of any genre. Make sure to check back daily to see if I posted a song that sparks your interest!
  3. Got to go to Smackdown live when they came to MN in February.. it was a blast :)
  4. Welcome to my home

  5. I grew up playing the RxD maps.. looking forward to having a few new ones in the rotation :)
  6. When you spam : "ALL BUY MEDS/ARTY PARTY TIME" and your teammates actually listen.
  7. (When you got that MVP streak; Rooney*4)
  8. Because I was busy af this weekend, got to make up for days missed (Theme song for when you lead the Orca/Apache rush)
  9. P.S. me and the guys paid Rambo to make a happy birthday video for you..
  10. Today's song of the day is dedicated to Volcom AKA Rob. Thanks for all you have done to make Rencorner what it is. :) happy birthday.
  11. Happy birthday Rob!! Have an awesome day! :) try not to eat too much pizza and drink too much beer
  12. Must be too far away..
  13. Your the greatest Shai.
  14. Thanks! Your awesome :)
  15. Looking forward to playing it! SHWIIING!!
  16. Thanks warlord :)
  17. That is awesome. Looking forward to playing with you guys soon!!
  18. DoYouNeedSomeTimeToThinkItOver?
  19. Love Ozzy.
  20. Thanks ice :) when can I expect those scrambled T. rex eggs for breakfast..?
  21. Thank you Joe!! Hope to see you in game soon!
  22. Thanks broski :)
  23. Thank you :)
  24. Sorry for the late post, busy night at work!