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  1. Lizto


    Joe, Really happy for you and proud of how well you are helping keep the game on for our enjoyment. Keep it up!! Mrs. T
  2. Lizto

    Promotions, Demotions, and Other Updates!

    Make us proud, Congratulations to all and thanks for all the good work and updates!!!!
  3. Lizto

    Fish fingers for tea Dronez?

  4. Lizto

    Everything i do, I Do it for you.

    I was a girl once, and I thought boys were retarded, seems I was right, some of your remarks are retarded! But the music was wonderful Dronez4, there is a saying "that all good things come to those who wait" so don't rush it, you'll find love.
  5. Lizto

    Poll: What's your favorite food?

    Lobster, Cajun shrimp, scallops, fried oysters, King crab legs, and a salad of mixed baby greens with blue cheese dressing! Yum I'm hungry after reading all your entries, although some I never tried.
  6. Lizto

    Lost all my stuff again!!!

    Geezz---I'm back where I died a couple of days ago - with NOTHING! I'm wondering when the roll backs will end guys! Help please, lost my money, and some real expensive armor, weapons and tools plus emeralds and diamonds I mined and can't find the mine now! I'm a little BLUE and frustrated. Hope this is settled soon! I know you're trying so please let us know when we can expect some stability with the server.
  7. Lizto

    Jobs Problem

    Money! Mine never seems to increase, just decreases!!! Last week I had 11,000, now only 5,000 and I'm not spending it! Glad it's only play money!
  8. Lizto

    PRIZES?!?! CONTESTS?!?!?

    Sounds fun, isn't that what this on-line game is supposed to be, I'm ready, willing and able to assist, lets do it!!!!!!!!
  9. I reside in the state of NY with my hubby, JoeTorp. We're the Torp Family on TeamSpeak Minecraft. My hobbies are crafts and painting, my 6 cats and Snookes our dog and most especially the computer! Thanks to all who have supported me in getting up to speed on Minecraft, JCOC, Wylde, Mike (Bloodyman), Syndicate, Volcom, KnightHawk, JoeTorp, Lundy, Shaitan and the list goes on. Thanks for the support for TempMod, I hope I do good for the players in MineCraft 1.6
  10. Lizto

    Promotions and Changes

    Thanks again for the "Congrats" and Congrats to all you other folks that were promoted.......!
  11. Lizto

    Minecraft Tuesday Game Night Event

    Sounds like fun, I'll be there!
  12. Lizto

    Requesting more set homes

    I thought I would weigh in on this subject since I too have wished I could have more homes. I have learned to use Ender Chests, rail cars, and other resource on trips across country I have not seen. When we started, night was a challenge, all the boggers came out, so we hurried and built shelters for the night, and tools to use, weapons to fight with and made armour for protection. It was nice to know you finally got the ability to survive. Now most have all they need and an interesting trip away from home becomes a challenge which I enjoy, because I now am wise to the way I must live in order to survive. Having that knowledge of Ender Chests, taming horses, dogs, building temp. places for protection at night, and searching for a spot to call home is more fun that ever. Since we are restricted to three homes, you have to be creative and not use the protection stone for all your places, delve into dispensers, electrical traps and such as a protection of some of your homes, it worked for me, my extra home stayed safe, I didn't have any problems with any one stealing my stuff or destroying my property.
  13. Lizto

    Promotions and Changes

    Thanks for all the great encouragement in this new adventure.
  14. Lizto

    PvE World Final Vote

    I would like to have #3-Create a new PVE world and use a chest world system to allow users to transfer items from old to new world for the next 30 days + Allow select building transfer.