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  1. Winter is coming. You should be thinking about nuts squirrel.
  2. I trust his decisions^^^.
  3. Thank y U for writing tomo. I am afraid I don't understand though. What do you mean I used pic + veh?
  4. Aww my sweet little apple is another year older.
  5. I like him enough but losing mod rights and have him re-apply is warranted.
  6. Lol. Keep crying. I simply pointed out the obvious that your mouth is what causes this. Definently not hurt. But or any other place. If you don't like any of us mods why do you continue returning? You like RC? RC likes you. I like you. I know in your heart you mean well you may just have trouble expressing it. Which is fine. I don't call it a handicap. I call it handi-capable. Keep working at it. It will come. Don't give up little tiger and if you ever want some tips or pointers on how to behave in groups of people pm me on irc or Facebook.
  7. Please post them. Your a funny guy. Really. Funny. Back to subject I think what is being said is keep your pie hole closed. No one gives a fuck about your opinion.
  8. What we see is you getting qkicked for running your mouth. Again. Though I am sure you feel strongly about your opinions of the map, involving someone's father into your opinion is not called for. The common theme running through your kicks is your mouth. Understand? control yourself and you will be treated nicely. XOXO.
  9. Why call for a battle at a cvs pharmacy?
  10. For what it is worth, in my experience folks that throw nigga out there tend to be wanna be gangstas with a hat sitting crooked on their head and experiencing a severe identity issue. Since your playing a game with a diverse group of folks it only takes one to be annoyed with nigga. i would have kicked you, let you get back to 2-pack for 24 hours. But that's just me.
  11. Hate to be the odd man out but I like you grid. We all have issues. Ain't no thing. But to consistently bring those issues into a game where, at least for me, I go to relax and pass the time, does sour the time I am spending. I am sure others will agree. I don't want to see you muted but in your manifesto, it wasn't quite an apology. You still managed to throw some shit at someone (blazin). Not a way to earn back what you want (unmute). Perhaps edit your post or better yet start over. I hope you can convince the right people you shouldn't be muted but it may be a long road. Good luck.
  12. Coming to America? Lets have a onesy party.
  13. "God fucking damn you vlat." Al-lah pleas Shai. You know better than that.
  14. Well if I am repping tanks in field and get killed, I would like to return as quickly as possible to continue but not be burdened with having to deal with a vehicle. Also, if in an attack, I may want to sell my vehicle so I can help others. And then there is the crate lottery. I would sell my ride before I got a crate for obvious reason. Additionally, if someone looses connection and leaves an empty vehicle quickest way to deal with it without to much interruption to your own game play is to get in a sell it. I like the command.
  15. server is up. just played.
  16. And your bad to squirrels... Welcome back.
  17. Flaming infantry?
  18. Either off the meds or in the drink. Or both. He has been relatively calm the last few times I have seen him. He will come around saying sorry etc in a few. I like gridlock but also take him with a grain of salt. No big deal to put him in timeout for a bit.
  19. Did you try changing the settings of tt to work for xp? And isn't there a free upgrade to vista for xp?
  20. But looking at the time stamps of above earlier post over the course of 15 minutes (the last one being acer) people were asking. If it were only 2-3 person difference that's one thing but obviously it wasn't and players were getting annoyed that it wasn't being resolved.
  21. I was in game a few days ago under a different nic and teams were severely unbalanced and I rm balance teams, sent pm to mods ingame (i believe evie and for sure ykz) to balance teams. Nothing on either front. This has been happening more than warranted and we read the results.