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  1. Granted, but because it took you so long you missed out on 10 World wars and a Zombie Apocalypse, becoming the only survivor of the human race with no food left and over 6 billion hungry zombies looking for you. I wish i i was my bosses boss
  2. I haven't played for a long time but i am going to give it a try with my improved internet. Think my nick is WNxKenny, been ages since i used steam
  3. Sweet!
  4. Glacier non flying I could live with maybe
  5. Too many conflicts running more than 1 antivirus program. I guess I should think about using one, not had a virus protector or firewall(over than windows 7) for a couple years now . #FreeStisForEveryone
  6. I am revering to the start, nod turrets are dumb
  7. hi

    Hey there, you may catch me in the game soon enough, will look into it tonight
  8. Agree with shaitan about tge drop out, it doesn't matter what maps you put in, anything after field is usually a drop out. Do we really need all tge new maps? Tomb I can adapt to, its an alright map, bunkers is shite with a small player count and tends to be more favoured by gdi imo. Couldn't a popular map like field or islands not go into the rotation twice?
  9. Congratulations Droneth!
  10. Congrats to you all!
  11. I'm not sure if it is all the time or if it has become an epidemic but this is what happenend when Creekdale was next in the rotation <@RCAOW> 14Host: [bR] Mrcc is not ranked yet.<@RCAOW> 11Player OSTKD4rKz left the game<@RCAOW> 11Player WNxKenny left the game<@RCAOW> 11Player ClaudioXc left the game<@RCAOW> 11Player OSTKFeda left the game<@RCAOW> 11Player Gigant05 left the game<@RCAOW> 11Player Kirill left the game<@RCAOW> 11Player Zippy left the game<@RCAOW> 11Player empirejbl left the game<@RCAOW> 11Player Mrcc left the game<@RCAOW> 11Player bl00dhunt left the game<@RCAOW> 11Player MVANWEES joined the game on team 08GDI [0911/50]<@RCAOW> 14Host: [RAGE] MVANWEES has yet to RAGEQUIT don't make them mad.<@RCAOW> 11Player Bakedpie1 left the game<@RCAOW> 9Loading level C&C_Creekdale_flying.mix<@RCAOW> 14Host: [DA] Running in Marathon Mode.<@RCAOW> 14Host: [DA] Teams have been remixed.<@RCAOW> 11Player kainis4 left the game<@RCAOW> 11Player blbl2332 left the game<@RCAOW> 14Host: The game has started.<@RCAOW> 14Host: [bR] MVANWEES is using Scripts 4.0.<@RCAOW> 14Host: [bR] MVANWEES has a total score of 77642 and is ranked at position 552 out of 7667 players.<@RCAOW> 11Player o0I8U0o left the game<@RCAOW> 14Host: [bR] Settings for C&C_Creekdale_flying.mix: Time Limit: 0, Mine Limit: 50, Vehicle Limit: 15. I'm not a huge fan of new maps, but this one seems to be a killer, whats everyone else's opinion?
  12. Sorry to hear that g1d, it is an inspirational post for everyone, particularly those still in education.
  13. The pics won't show for moi, damn internet
  14. ^^^