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  1. xmobster5

    Kamuix Floating HQ

    No this was back in 2005-2007 when he had his death match servers up at the time. I do remember his build servers tho.. those were out in early 2010 I believe.
  2. xmobster5

    Kamuix Floating HQ

    oh yes, that too! haha those were the tools of the our time!
  3. xmobster5

    Kamuix Floating HQ

    Who remembers this?! Memories!
  4. xmobster5

    Position requested

  5. xmobster5

    What is your favourite TV series?

    My favorite TV series of all time and even though it was on for 1 season is band of brothers. I could watch it over and over again and never get tired of it.
  6. xmobster5

    New donation from shaitan

    Thank you!
  7. xmobster5


    now we are saying happy birthday's again? lmao. happy birthday Blacky!
  8. xmobster5


  9. xmobster5

    Connection problem

    what version of windows are you running?
  10. xmobster5

    Renegade Summer Fun War June 2018.

    I'm in. I'll be with CJ and h3adsh00t.. no surprise there.
  11. xmobster5

    dear cj

    The new monitor I bought I deff notice a different.
  12. xmobster5

    Renegade FDS Server questions.

    NEVER MIND GUYS. I got it working... Is there a tutorial on how to get brenbot working?
  13. xmobster5

    Renegade FDS Server questions.

    So it's been years since I've even run FDS. I installed it, threw in the new TT server side client as well. I have my serial number in starting with the 0669 even an active username as well. This is what I get.. and then after creating game channel it says failed to create game channel. Can anyone help me out? Thanks!
  14. xmobster5

    Checking maps

    Land day looks pretty solid. The old skirmish tutorial turned into a map? Yeah, that's fuckin' sweet. You guys should check it out!!
  15. xmobster5

    Dissertation Survey need feedback.