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  1. xmobster5

    Unban Request

    ' which happens 100 times a day on ren. ' really? when ever I'm on rencorner all I see is you team hampering.. TH has been down a lot lately until you decide to join. Blocking the hon and air doors with your apc and arty while it's locked.. getting in front of me and other players while repping bldgs and tanks. Funny tho.. you never apologize to me or the other players but have the nerve to say "faggot" while an admin is on. Enjoy your ban!
  2. xmobster5

    Unban Request

    Tank, that wasn't the only time you've been banned. You have been team hampering a lot lately.. Lots of warns and a couple of qkicks from me to get my point across. It's obvious now that you are purposely doing these things. Maybe if you had a good reputation and weren't always being an asshole then you wouldn't have been banned. You have no sympathy from me..
  3. xmobster5

    S.O.S we need admins...

    Congratulations broski's!
  4. xmobster5

    New donation from JonRambo

  5. xmobster5

    New donation from sydney59521

    Thank you.
  6. xmobster5

    Application(Solarsailts, thread split)

  7. xmobster5

    September Renegade Promotions

    Thank you Mass, Manuel and Shai. You guys are awesome! Much appreciated!
  8. Iran, you ivisi too so I really don't want to see you complain about it.
  9. xmobster5

    Kamuix Floating HQ

    No this was back in 2005-2007 when he had his death match servers up at the time. I do remember his build servers tho.. those were out in early 2010 I believe.
  10. xmobster5

    Kamuix Floating HQ

    oh yes, that too! haha those were the tools of the our time!
  11. xmobster5

    Kamuix Floating HQ

    Who remembers this?! Memories!
  12. xmobster5

    What is your favourite TV series?

    My favorite TV series of all time and even though it was on for 1 season is band of brothers. I could watch it over and over again and never get tired of it.
  13. xmobster5

    New donation from shaitan

    Thank you!
  14. xmobster5


    now we are saying happy birthday's again? lmao. happy birthday Blacky!
  15. xmobster5