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  1. It worked! Thank you so very much!!
  2. I know which one you are talking about! I found the mystery screen saver.. the haunted house one.. brings back such great memories!
  3. So I found a bunch of old screen savers on a website. I have looked on youtube to see if there were any walkthroughs on how to apply that screen saver to windows 7.. but none didn't explain very well. Does anyone here have any knowledge on that? Can it be done? Thanks!
  4. Worked. Thanks!
  5. For some reason there are 3 sites that I have downloaded Renegade Public tools 2 from and they keep giving me the same problem. Failed - Network error. but if I download any other file it works no problem. Does anyone here have that file they can send me? I want to go back to editing maps! thanks!
  6. I like siege but the problem is that map is glitchy as heck... Mars would be good though. Is there any possible way to add defense to the bases?
  7. Ahh.. Didn't think of that...
  8. Manuel started a vote for Mars... A good amount of people enjoyed it and said it should be on the rotation. I used to love playing on that map yearsssss ago... brought back so many memories and I think it'll be a fun map that everyone will enjoy. What do you guys think?!
  9. I was wondering if its possible if we could put carnage club on just for at least 1 game and have an all out infantry war!!
  10. wtf man did you get shot or something?

  11. Where you go to bro?

  12. I'm in!!