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  1. Fix it or i will fix it if you are that lazy. Just give me the files
  2. I don't know who the fuck are you but every post i see from you to someone is rude or negative and i don't know how did you get 308 rep. I shouldn't visit this forum anymore. Bad people are here only and no help. Bye
  3. So this bug will never be fixed. Thanks for... no help
  4. PTs are invincible, i checked it in level editor, skintype and shieldtype are set to "blamo"
  5. Guys what do u think about replacing gdi terminals with nod ones and nod terminals with gdi ones? Or u have better idea?
  6. True. I had it too
  7. Mickesnus is chilling out on the ground
  8. Is it possible to add C&C_ConquestWinter to the rotation? I would like to play with someone on this map.
  9. Happy birthday n00b :D

  10. I want to edit Skirmish map and i want to add Pimp weapons. Is it possible?
  11. I don't get it
  12. I registered on and i have unverified account since Tue, 04 June 2013. I contacted them by e-mail but have not received a response. Help me
  13. OMG Sorry i meant renegadeforums not renegadeskins FAIL sorry again
  14. Still nothing?
  15. Of course is no longer active but i try to fix links. I have huge archive of skins.
  16. Thank you again
  17. Yes i got verification email but my account isn't verified by admn. When i want click "Control Panel" i have this message: Unverified AccountThe administrator had chosen to review all accounts manually prior to activation. Until your account has been validated by the administrator you will not be able to utilize the full capabilities of your account.
  18. Renegade Ladders are out of date. Why?
  19. Map

    Can someone put Arctic_RxD map in download section pls
  20. Map

    thank you very much
  21. Map

    Yes i have downloaded this map but i want mix file too
  22. I have a question to the server administrator. Could you share with me? I need Veteran System and the possibility of buying weapons. My e-mail: or any hosting server.
  23. So maybe buying weapons with commands? Please i very want it
  24. For my LAN server pls
  25. I have two matters 1.I want to be a moderator 2.Can you move all my stats from szymek777 to [-HOH-]szymek777