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  1. I don't know who the fuck are you but every post i see from you to someone is rude or negative and i don't know how did you get 308 rep. I shouldn't visit this forum anymore. Bad people are here only and no help. Bye
  2. So this bug will never be fixed. Thanks for... no help
  3. Fix it or i will fix it if you are that lazy. Just give me the files
  4. PTs are invincible, i checked it in level editor, skintype and shieldtype are set to "blamo"
  5. Guys what do u think about replacing gdi terminals with nod ones and nod terminals with gdi ones? Or u have better idea?
  6. True. I had it too
  7. Mickesnus is chilling out on the ground
  8. Is it possible to add C&C_ConquestWinter to the rotation? I would like to play with someone on this map.
  9. Happy birthday n00b :D

  10. I want to edit Skirmish map and i want to add Pimp weapons. Is it possible?
  11. I don't get it
  12. OMG Sorry i meant renegadeforums not renegadeskins FAIL sorry again
  13. Still nothing?
  14. Of course is no longer active but i try to fix links. I have huge archive of skins.