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    Hi everyone

    Been a very long time for me since I played this game. Some may know me best as being the original Owner and creator of XpHaZe gaming back when Ren was at its peak. I left the community and advanced my gaming with World of Warcraft building a huge community there. Oddly I find myself back in Renegade and Im really glad to see it still alive even if the player base is pretty low. Good to see a lot of old friends playing. My internet these days isnt the best i moved to the country to take care of my mom after dad passed so im running on a completely wireless internet and when thats faltering I run thru a hot spot on my phone but, it gets the job done. Its good to be back and im having a ton of old school fun, see ya all on the battlefield!
  2. l00mpa


    The gooster! Been fun playing with ya again bro. Brings back a ton of memories.
  3. l00mpa

    New donation from l00mpa

    No problem at all. I really like the server, I plan on sticking around for a while so figured I would do my part.... /cheers
  4. l00mpa

    Font issue

    Is there any help on making the font larger in game. I'm back playing but, alot older now lol, cant quite see the Tab/Font info clearly. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  5. l00mpa

    Font issue

    Thanks rackz works great....:) Appreciate everyone's help.
  6. l00mpa

    Font issue

    Thanks for the replys. The links for me say error in that thread.