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  1. Jor3llBR

    File upload section for anticheat

    Nvm the dmg reduction skins are not allowed...
  2. Jor3llBR

    File upload section for anticheat

    Why are the e_ ‘anti lag’ ones are forbidden? I have to double check but I tried playing w/ them yesterday and they are blocked... They are old school only preventing the explosions, chem weapons etc todo a feeling huge plume and lag the screen.
  3. Jor3llBR

    Connection issue

    Ok I didn’t find that file, it connects to all other servers fine but the RC Matathon. I’ll try again tomorrow. I can get in RC fine but he can’t.
  4. Jor3llBR

    Connection issue

    Trying to get my son and I connected to RC but 1 connects fine and the other just hangs on login w the words “TDBERR”. Any ideais?
  5. Jor3llBR

    Played here after 12 years...

    lol Vingador you old fart, remember you from TERRA C&C Demo Servers!!! TERRA used to be an internet access page in Brazil way back, like Yahoo...
  6. Jor3llBR

    New donation from Jor3llBR

    Thanks guys, I know how hard to keep this stuff running for all there years is, I believe every player should contribute w/ whatever they can. I took a break since 2009-2010 and didn’t even know the game was still alive. Props to all of you.