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  1. Lundy004

    Any chance for a White List?

    Versions that have been pirated cannot be used on public match making. Only chance is *maybe private servers (RC used to have one) or just wait for it to go on sale.
  2. Lundy004

    Pi Day

    Well, the mathematical E was said to be founded on 25 November 1731, so i'm going to guess his/her/it's Birthday is November 25th.
  3. Lundy004

    Pi Day

    My Birthday is the day of the century!
  4. Lundy004


    Bork is more efficient, especially with a triforce. Then either ragebalde (if ahead) and tank, or straight tank. Oh yea, and whats your guy's ign's?
  5. Lundy004

    Project : Renegade arcade 4 Xbox store

    If and only if you get the ok, it'll be a "All da moneyz go to me (Me as in EA)".
  6. Lundy004


    I still play it. Lundy004
  7. Lundy004

    A short gaming/app survey.

    Again? You've dissected my brain twice now. Where's my cookie? Oh, and I did the survey.
  8. SEM that should have been Nova 2 1,000 games ago..
  9. Lundy004

    Community Event/Tournament

    I have 3 copies of TFD, and C&C3 so I'm set.
  10. Lundy004

    Community Event/Tournament

    Idea, at least. But not to burst everyone's "hype", but.. Ghost Recon- -Dead- LoL- Not enough people here play it (And Volcom wont approve) Minecraft - Always poor turnouts. TF2- Same as MC AvA- Dead too (I think) Rust- Dead The others I have no idea about.
  11. Lundy004

    CS:GO : Operation : SAVE DRAGON

    Currently I have 270 wins with a 52.02 w/l.
  12. Lundy004

    CS:GO : Operation : SAVE DRAGON

    /me had 100 more wins than jks, 5 ranks below.
  13. Lundy004

    CS:GO : Operation : SAVE DRAGON

    Just come talk to me sometime.
  14. Lundy004

    Hosting a Team Fortress 2 Event.

    May not be able to make it Monday.
  15. Lately, all I get are people smurfing because of the last couple of updates, they changed what skill groups can queue with one another, and I end up getting people who HS through boxes from Lower Tuns -> Upper tuns on dust2.