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  1. Your first name : My first name irl is Kallie Your in game name, also include any other names you use. : farmgirl7 is 110% my only for now *though I have changed it before I don't use any others* Your age is? : I'm freshly 20 years old Where you are from? : I'm from a small farm in Florida How long you have been playing Minecraft? : Since 2013-2014ish but I got an account *used my fathers beforehand* in 2015! Was our server recommended by a friend? : if so, who? Nope How did you find Rencorner : I was searching for GTA servers and was trying to find an empty one because I suck at PVP Do you play any other Rencorner games (ie killing floor, terraria)? : No I don't really play much else