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  1. Cjx0r

    Rencorner Trolling

    fuck off, sla mutant co op is where it's at!
  2. Cjx0r

    What does your gaming cave look like?

    never told me you play rs im maxed
  3. Cjx0r

    Backed by Popular Demand

    You actually got that backwards. Just refer to the logs that I constantly provide.
  4. Cjx0r

    Add Recon Bike into all maps

  5. Cjx0r

    Backed by Popular Demand

    So you guys wanna start holding off on these mutes, or? I mean, how many of these do we need to have before the administration looks at this from a different perspective. The interesting part is, I have no intention of coming in here and limiting mine, or anyone else's ability to play renegade. There were things that used to be problems, but a few talks with Shai, Manuel, Volcom, or Blacky and they haven't been since. Regardless of any of that, it doesn't seem to be lowering the frequency of these instances. Me cycling thru the moderator team and individually running into issues of clear abuse to be quelled after the situation is resolved in my favor is NOT a proper way to settle disagreements. A lot of people here seem to have such a huge disdain for United States Law Enforcement because of their perceived "shoot first and ask questions later" attitude of rule enforcement. Then turn around and come into Rencorner with the exact same attitude and for some reason don't find it unethical or even notice the parallels of that judgement. I'm a Christian and I believe you should treat others the way you want to be treated. If you don't want officials to overstretch their boundaries for personal satisfaction, then don't do it yourselves. I'm not calling anyone out specifically. In fact I believe I'm in better standing that I used to be with some moderators that "couldn't stand me". This takes something from all of us, none of us are here to fight, just play. I'm sure a few of you could admit your waning interest in these disputes based soully on how taxing they can be on a man, especially after work. Let's just play. If a problem comes up, let's just talk. For example, I have no till this day ever had a disagreement with Shai that we couldn't resolve/conclude just sitting down and talking about it. I can actually tell how easier it is for both of us to come to conclusions since we've started, and that is the proper way to settle these issues.
  6. Thanks for making an ass out of yourself. We can just disregard your nonsense from here on out since you literally just agreed with me. Way to prove this isn't just you trying to flame someone you've only been told about and never actually met. Ask yourself, is this thread a discussion about hourglass and niagra? Are we talking about those maps individually or are we talking about the ruling behind hillcamp on hourglass and how niagra "a geometric echo of hourglass" has contradictory rulings that suggest hillcamp isn't actually a problem? I honestly don't mind this. I'm used to combating nepotism, internal bias, and context denial; Trying to gang up on me with "you're wrong because I can't grasp what I'm doing here in the first place" is nothing short of comical. The reason I haven't been addressing each response individually cause most of you are so far removed from the topic, it's essentially just trolling. You both couldn't give a flying fuck what this thread is about, just trying to dick ride the only person seemingly making a coherent argument in an attempt to virtue signal publicly your descent with me as a person. It's funny.
  7. Cjx0r

    Backed by Popular Demand

    I was going to wait till your birthday to let you know..
  8. Mod requested I post this so I did. I don't need to add anything. These sort of things as usually apparent in their own right. [14:03:16] Host: [BR] Rueggy has been kicked from the server by joejjj80 for afk come on back later [14:03:23] Cjx0r: hes just a kid! [14:03:28] joejjj80: cool. [14:03:32] Cjx0r: its a joke [14:03:35] joejjj80: does that mean he can't back later [14:03:57] Cjx0r: simmer down hard ass, it was a joke [14:04:24] joejjj80: hard ass? lol. I hope you never run into a hard ass. might actually make you weep [14:06:08] Host: Rueggy has 1024 recommendations. [14:06:08] Cjx0r: hes back! [14:06:34] Rueggy: sorry i got in trouble [14:06:38] joejjj80: you didn't [14:06:39] Cjx0r: its fine [14:06:44] [Team] Cjx0r: he means irl [14:06:48] [Team] Cjx0r: edxplaing why he went afk [14:06:50] joejjj80: he's just being a dick because it was me that did it [14:07:11] Cjx0r: dont mind him, hes so bound up with hate he has no idea whats happening [14:07:16] [Team] Cjx0r: lighten up dude [14:07:17] joejjj80: lol. see [14:07:25] Cjx0r: see what? [14:07:35] Rueggy: who u guys talking about me??? [14:07:36] joejjj80: just a troll. you didn't get in trouble. [14:07:40] joejjj80: no. [14:07:40] Cjx0r: ok joe [14:07:42] Cjx0r: pay attention [14:07:46] Cjx0r: HE GOT IN TROUBLE IRL [14:07:49] Cjx0r: WHICH IS WHY HE WENT AFK [14:07:53] Cjx0r: HURR DURRR [14:08:00] joejjj80: no he said he was spending time with brother [14:08:13] Cjx0r: dont mind him dude, hes a forum mod -life [14:08:23] Cjx0r: has nothing to do but push ppl around and start shit from nothing [14:09:06] Cjx0r: his misinterpted a joke i made about him kicking u and wont shut up getting the wrong impression [14:12:05] [Team] Cjx0r: btw i know him irl, but nice try with the instagating [14:12:14] [Team] Cjx0r: vultima is better at it tho [14:14:25] [Team] joejjj80: how about repping the mammy [14:14:36] [Team] joejjj80: wow [14:16:43] [Team] Cjx0r: no1 is minign cant rep mammy [14:16:45] [Team] joejjj80: you got to be fuckcing kidding me. lmao [14:17:06] [Team] Cjx0r: !d joe [14:17:08] [Team] Cjx0r: mammy [14:17:12] [Team] joejjj80: !d cj [14:17:19] [Team] Cjx0r: ur not tech buy mamnmy [14:17:29] [Private] joejjj80: gonna unmute you. but go somewhere else if you want to start shit [14:17:38] Cjx0r: /joejjj80 [14:17:42] Cjx0r: dont start shit then try to blame me [14:17:43] joejjj80: yes [14:17:54] Cjx0r: gonna unmute u now cause i muted u back when u called me out on being a tard [14:18:47] <Joejjj80> I came to play and not listen to shit about kicking someone that was away for a game and a half. didn't say shit to you. [14:18:52] <Cjx0r> ok cunt [14:18:54] <Cjx0r> once again [14:18:58] <Cjx0r> you misinterupted what i said [14:19:01] <Joejjj80> so go to the forum and complain like the little bitch you are [14:19:06] <Cjx0r> then went off on your little tyrade [14:19:12] <Cjx0r> cry more [14:19:17] <Cjx0r> ill just post logs and let shai bitch u out [14:19:23] <Cjx0r> ur own actions condem yourself [14:22:17] <Joejjj80> go for it
  9. Keep up the context denial. You obviously have no clue what's going on here, no need to continue flaming or attempt to derail the thread. >makes thread highlighting contrasts between rulings in two maps >dipshits derail thread into argument over certain highlights made in comparison Try to be less transparent in your blind rage.
  10. Read this line over and over again until you get the point. Coming in here to talk about specifics on those 2 maps is NOT what this topic is about, let alone defending someone that is shown to have no clue what he's talking about. Yeah maybe they would be "well reasoned and respectful counterpoints" if the topic was about those lines individually. However the topic is pointing out the contradictions in rulings and the contrasts between those two maps. Vult then decided to take on certain points individually missing the entire point of this thread. Your entire post is completely irrelevant when you go back and see Vultima AGREEING WITH ME ON MY POINT. You have to willfully deny the entire context of this thread and my words within to come to the conclusion you did. Vult's the leader of the "I Hate Cj but don't actually know him" group, ask him for admission, not me. Google "reaching" then come back and read your own posts. Explaining to someone trying to flame a thread that they are mistaken in their position is not even remotely close to "reaching". This is what we call "context denial". You can either get on the same page as this topic or just stop talking.
  11. Cjx0r

    walk on the wall

    vertical out of bounds LOL Correct however the misconception you have is that logic has a role in these rulings.
  12. Cjx0r


    There we go. Don't add anything to that or explain your position, just say "naw that's stupid yo" and assert your own impressions as fact. Hahaha Yeah but that whole !med !light command just complicates the shell concept. I do agree a low vehicle limit hampers the shit out of a marathon game.
  13. Way to contradict your original post pal. Now what am I reaching for exactly? Again, these aren't arguments. The only people embarrassing themselves is you guys. Shai was the closest to an argument in favor but even that broke down into a projection of personal preference. Again, coming to this thread to convey a dissent with the general notion, or in Vultima's case his misinterpretation of the general notion, is more inflammatory than anything. It's not criticism to say "that's stupid", "you suck", "I hate you", it just rude lol. If you want, you can actually involve yourselves in the discussion at hand, which I will remind you is The rulings and game conditions for both these maps are in direct contrast with one and other. Then followed with a list of points establishes the contrast from each line to line. Line 1 for hourglass will contrast line 1 from niagra. You can then see that what's considered a problem on one map, is actually encouraged on the other. This thread is to discuss THAT. Like for example, when vultima said something like, and I'm paraphrasing, "tbh idk why HC isn't allowed on hourglass". That was actually on topic, and if he would have expanded on that point of view we would have been engaged in the discussion I intended to prompt when creating this thread. This is like the 9th time I've had to remind this thread what the topic actually is and figuratively drag everyone back to origin point. I'm not going to lie, it's not even frustrating anymore. I'm just honestly astounded as to how bad your impressions are influencing your judgement. At least shaitan can demonstrate an ability to remove himself enough to have a open discussion about views we disagree on. That's all I'm asking from you, in this thread.
  14. I'm not going to do this all day Vultima and you've ate up all my patience. Since your original post, which you've misinterpreted as a list of complaints for both maps, it's been nothing but this ridiculous conflation between the comparison that I'm ACTUALLY making. It's not my responsibility you keep you on topic or hold your hand to guide you through your arrogance. You're clearly going to read what you what you want to read and no matter how much ridicule you receive for this, it's not enough to shame you to stop. I can't imagine what it's like to argue so blindly in any direction regardless of the topic, but over the course of the past few months, you've shown this to be no difficult task on your end. I don't know what the point would be in continuing to talk to you. It's not even about giving you the benefit of the doubt or being more understanding of your position. You don't have one. All you want to do is argue with me in an attempt to illicit a scenario that you will purposely misconstrued into an offense in an attempt to cull the server more to your liking. Ehh has fucking better bait than you, and it's literally lazy sarcasm. At least he THINKS he's trolling, so if anything someone's getting something out of it. This whole shit right here hasn't been fruitful in the slightest. Just turn around and walk away. You're losing parts of yourself in all this misguided hatred, as well as players. You can't argue for the survival on renegade as a community and consistently portray THIS attitude and contempt towards the game as a whole.
  15. Then don't be so upset about it Vultima jeeze, trying to tell me (the OP) what this thread is about? You can just move on