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  1. thanks for pormotion and congrats everyone
  2. nah ... i dont think so ... this also happens if it was a field quicky. how long does the vote for the new maps last at all!? is there a map where nod isnt overpowered? ^^ nothing kills a teched arty !! nah ... its finished ... but think of u can hit that ... so no gdi tank would miss a shot ... that would be quite unfair to have that large target... wf on gdi is also very far away so u cannot hit it (only with arty)
  3. sounds great! Domination - i havnt played this for years now ^^
  4. thanks + ur welcome
  5. i am in too ^^ ... i wanna play with my lill cuddle bear mikey pls ;D (if its still possible ^^)
  6. yep a Kamikaze Crate would be very nice for mass whoring vehs
  7. set me to maybe...if i am not too drunk i will come and play ^^ ;D
  8. i am in!