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    Gaming with some homies while I burn a bowl. xD

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  1. XpZFuzzy

    Hi everyone

    Welcome to the party l00mpa
  2. XpZFuzzy

    Unban Request

    A well deserved ban, indeed. You know what I Q'kick'd you for (team hampering). Mister Prince.
  3. XpZFuzzy

    C&C News from EA Producer Jim Vessella.

    Meh. I haven't been happy with EA since C&C4 regarding C&C games. Reminded me of Starcraft with movable bases... What broke my interest in C&C with EA was because they were in development with a new game which was scraped (friend was in alpha testing phase), looked like it had potential in bringing back the franchise. Then, THEN, they made a mobile game C&C Rivals that you had to nuke/ion the enemy twice to win. Lets not discuss the microtransations... Now, remastered C&Cs. So, my expectations are going to be extremely high. <rant over> Games I would like to see remastered: 7/17 Red Alert: The Aftermath/2/Yuri's Revenge C&C 3/Kane's Wrath C&C Generals/Zero Hour I have Command & Conquer: The Ultimate Collection on Origin. I played them all.
  4. XpZFuzzy

    File upload section for anticheat

    Within the server. ;)
  5. XpZFuzzy

    game download

    When I click on connect and nothing happens, I click connect again, then the game loads up. It seems I have to do this alot to connect to the server(s) I click connect on.
  6. XpZFuzzy


    Welcome goosy
  7. XpZFuzzy

    Doubleshot Rule

    Allow me to make this more confusing. Yes, this rule sucks... I'm starting to hate this trick because of the drama of it being a rule. Free med or free light will make it reasonable to allow it. I see it more as a strategy tactic on both sides than a game breaking rule.
  8. XpZFuzzy

    IRC questions, basic help, etc.

    Yes, app was accepted Sunday.
  9. XpZFuzzy

    Advanced Harvesters

    Advanced Harvesters. Both skins didn't seem to work (including in practice mode, to me anyways) so I had to delete the files that was in Advanced Harvesters folder since they was detected as anticheat. I do not remember the file names except the one shown "V_NHRV_E.w3d" which was the second file I deleted. Then I deleted the items that folder contained.
  10. XpZFuzzy

    Advanced Harvesters

    This skin is against the anti cheat system. <&RCAOW> XpZFuzzy has been evicted for using an invalid file (V_NHRV_E.w3d). Requesting to be removed from the list of skin vehicles, then remove this thread.
  11. XpZFuzzy

    Application(Solarsailts, thread split)

    Congrates :)
  12. XpZFuzzy

    Connection problem

    Glad to see you in-game again.
  13. XpZFuzzy

    Connection problem

    Servers are up and running. 10 people currently in-game. Renlist, I use GSA not WOL and I Favorited the servers I play on. Some cases renlist doesn't display servers that are running, but favs show up. In my case.
  14. XpZFuzzy

    Connection problem

    Is the game patched at least? sounds like the wrong version
  15. XpZFuzzy

    Connection problem

    Do you have scripts installed from Here?