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  1. Let's just place the facts down. 1. NickK is a good sniper no doubt about that, but take the walls away from him, he's not amazing. 2. You and Gogeta are good at sniping, but let's not get carried away now shall we, I never claimed to be good at sniping but I can deal with you guys 50% of the time, probably not anymore, not played in awhile, idk why your comparing me anyway 3. Chris is a cheater who has been caught 3/4 times, and now plays better than he ever did when we KNOW he was cheating, so do the math.
  2. He's better than you :P and most of us tbh
  3. Vultima

    Unban Request

    The only reason why he is asking this is because he got banned from Apex im guessing? Literally on a single discord page, 2 different people talking about different incidents(2 & 3) 1. Tankhole is a know teamhamper. But as usual the admin does FUCK ALL. clears throat @dblaney1 sounds like tankhole should catch a permaban @Threve what was your experience with tankhole? He would block the wf, ref and ram and block you whenever possible when I played with hin 2. Pillar of the community right here *Context here is 2 images, one of him stealing a veh, theother of him selling it* oh stole yet another veh to go and sell Why the fuck isn't tank hole permabanned? team hampering stuff like locking a hard to destroy vehicle in a position where it blocks other vehicles from exiting the Weapons Factory or the harvester from returning to the Refinery 3. Got a player Named TankHole stealing tanks from teammates and instantly selling them as well as blowing them up with C4 if they leave to repaair and left the session right away and we had a rush a few seconds after that Looks like Renegade is over for you, no more servers to play in, oh well, shouldn't have been such a jerk to people :)
  4. Vultima

    C&C News from EA Producer Jim Vessella.

    Well if its a remake and they keep the same logic, surely they can't screw it up, unless you gotta pay EA to use tanks xD NEW REN PLS NEW REN PLS NEW REN PLS NEW REN PLS
  5. Vultima

    S.O.S we need admins...

    Congrats baguettes!
  6. Vultima

    game download

    ^ This also does work, its just the installer that is the problem, make sure when you install things you run things as an administrator too, the whole issue is, your trying to install a old game, on a new PC, things move on, other things get left broken
  7. Vultima

    game download

    LOL Launch game directly from your origin folder, should be something like C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\Renegade\game.exe Then your better off using something like renlist to connect to servers, unless you have a xwis login already setup
  8. Vultima

    Synthfrax cheats

    I meant to correct myself but I think he is just at the waterfall...forgot to reply here
  9. Vultima

    Dear Volcom

    <3 Is the bot behaving yet, previously after every time set next map was called, it needed restarting lmao
  10. Vultima


    1v1 carnage club xtreme
  11. Vultima

    Doubleshot Rule

  12. Vultima


    We used to normally do funwars which was essentially, people turn up, get put in a team, try to make it as balanced as possible for good games(or randomize), and we play ren in a more classic, vanilla way, at a higher level, that was fun, sadly that hasn't been happening as much as of late but I do miss them days... Il see if anyone is up for it, generally the people involved are not really playing much of renegade at all recently, but since it's such an easy game everyone tends to retain their ability :P
  13. Vultima

    IRC questions, basic help, etc.

    Na it has some stuff in there which is useful for all so all mods get in :P
  14. Vultima

    Application(Solarsailts, thread split)

    Welcome dude
  15. Vultima


    Can it be auto turned off if the player count is below a certain amount, honestly below say 8 players its silly, hence why most servers previously disabled it outright anyway