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  1. AnThRaX


    Literally word for word a post that was already made in here and didn't address anything I said.
  2. AnThRaX


    Confused why the shoutbox was removed when there were only select individuals causing issues. Can they not be individually given consequences? Shoutbox was the most popular aspect of the website.
  3. AnThRaX

    dear cj

    I got an FPS counter implanted into my skull. My real life graphics card needs an update I am only getting 190 FPS when I go swimming or in big cities with a lot of bright lights i will glitch out and need to wipe my eyes
  4. AnThRaX

    dear cj

    I don’t know how that’s related at all. I apologize if you have lived your entire life in slow motion.
  5. AnThRaX

    dear cj

    Joe are you one of those old school memers that says jet fuel can’t melt steel beams too? Never seen someone say the eye can’t detect higher than 30 FPS outside of /r/pcmasterrace facetiously. Like you’re telling me if you’re playing renegade and your game dips to 30 FPS from 60 you don’t notice??? I’m so confused. I have 144hz monitor and i will never go back to 60 FPS again. It feels like slow motion in comparison
  6. AnThRaX

    dear cj

    Ehh cheats at 17 year old games
  7. AnThRaX


    There’s no servers lol
  8. AnThRaX


    Anyone else play? It’s free. I know the whole “it looks like it’s for kids it’s so cartoony” “pubg is more realistic and more fun”. I was in the same boat. I thought Fortnite was dumb as shit; but then my brothers started playing religiously and i started tagging along and god damn if this game isn’t WAY harder than pubg. The skill ceiling is higher because being good at building is 90% of the game and it’s so tough to learn. The guns are inconsistent and there’s a method to shooting them kind of like CS:GO... if you want a game that takes talent to be good at this is the one. There’s a reason Ninja is the highest paid gamer of all time. Someone give it a shot with me sometime; I’m not the best by any means so i would love to have a squad to get good with. My brothers carry me to a win like every other match and i can’t stand that they’re better at a game than me so i need your help. Also if you have Fortnite on PS4 and PC your account transfers progress flawlessly so you can work toward the same skins and rewards on either console. It’s so dope and i wish more games did it. Give it it a shot noobs. Add me anthraxelite.
  9. AnThRaX

    What does your gaming cave look like?

    That is some slick wire porn. My cables are everywhere lol I’m probably asphyxiating my pc
  10. AnThRaX

    New donation from raven

    What was the bet?
  11. AnThRaX

    Renegade Staff Addition

    congrats geist man!
  12. lmao you're so bogus
  13. the map is definitely not my style, played three matches and only lived longer than 2 seconds in 1 of them, in which i ended up in 2nd place with 6 kills. the map moves so fast and the circle is already visible when you jump from the plane, the map is so tiny that you can jump from the plane at any point and make it to anywhere on the map, plus 100 players jumping into 4x4 is just WAY too chaotic. if this map is anything besides solo only i would be surprised.
  14. Eighth place with one kill is not a chicken dinner. BOO!!!!