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  1. Anyone get it? I put like 1000 hours in the original on PS4 and am excited this one came to PC. Surprisingly it takes like no bandwidth as I never seem to lag and my computer can barely run a youtube video without pinging out.
  2. Get proof Iran. You know how things like this go.
  3. Welcome back, were you part of a1tngs and LTROUSH back in the day? Name looks super familiar.
  4. Glad to hear the meds are working.
  5. Do you even collect funko pops??
  6. You poopin on em
  7. God dammit why are you here?
  8. Which ones do you have dude?
  9. Hopefully funko pops are still relevant in ten years haha. In that time I’m sure a lot of my pops will be way more popular if that’s the case.
  10. I know people collect them outside of the USA - but unfortunately because the company is based out of Seattle; the US gets most of the convention and store exclusives and Australia has to hope popcultcha gets them and UK has to hope forbidden planet gets them. It's insane though because you can buy one of these for $8 and have it be worth $50 a week later. This is a great thing to collect as they only really ever appreciate in value if you get the exclusive ones; commons all bets are off. Here is the highlight of my collection right now: It was discontinued shortly after reaching stores due to a licensing issue. Paid $12 and it's currently going for upwards of $200 on ebay.
  11. Does anyone else collect these things? I've seen them around for years and never gave them a second thought but saw an overwatch one at target for my fave character and decided to buy it; fast forward a month and I've been doing lots of research and found out how much money goes into these things and I can't stop collecting them. I think I'm up to 30 now.
  12. Can't make it :(
  13. Been looking at jobs out there since I'm a university grad now and what not, maybe we will be neighbors! Congrats bud. Hope things were smooth!
  14. You're supposed to get people gifts for their birthday ... not punish them
  15. TThank you guys... you are too kind!! I had a good one... 26 is great I hated being able to mooch off my parents medical insurance I guess I'll just never get sick again Haha