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  1. Hopefully funko pops are still relevant in ten years haha. In that time I’m sure a lot of my pops will be way more popular if that’s the case.
  2. I know people collect them outside of the USA - but unfortunately because the company is based out of Seattle; the US gets most of the convention and store exclusives and Australia has to hope popcultcha gets them and UK has to hope forbidden planet gets them. It's insane though because you can buy one of these for $8 and have it be worth $50 a week later. This is a great thing to collect as they only really ever appreciate in value if you get the exclusive ones; commons all bets are off. Here is the highlight of my collection right now: It was discontinued shortly after reaching stores due to a licensing issue. Paid $12 and it's currently going for upwards of $200 on ebay.
  3. Does anyone else collect these things? I've seen them around for years and never gave them a second thought but saw an overwatch one at target for my fave character and decided to buy it; fast forward a month and I've been doing lots of research and found out how much money goes into these things and I can't stop collecting them. I think I'm up to 30 now.
  4. Can't make it :(
  5. Been looking at jobs out there since I'm a university grad now and what not, maybe we will be neighbors! Congrats bud. Hope things were smooth!
  6. You're supposed to get people gifts for their birthday ... not punish them
  7. TThank you guys... you are too kind!! I had a good one... 26 is great I hated being able to mooch off my parents medical insurance I guess I'll just never get sick again Haha
  8. Thank you Joe! I appreciate it man. Hope you are doing well!
  9. I just thought he was foreign lol
  10. Matenone is still around?? Damn
  11. when we playin overwatch fam

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    2. mdogg1108


      Yeah I don't play on my computer I play on Xbox but I will hop on whenever u want to play. When do u usually play ?

    3. AnThRaX


      I was playing every other day for a while but haven't seen my computer in two weeks. I'll let you know when I can get on again lol 

    4. mdogg1108



  12. add me, i carry every single match i have like a 90% win rate solo queuing in competitive, just gets annoying playing with randoms, got to 65 season 1 (equivalent of grand master now) with like 27 total competitive matches played and need people to play with Jesse#11590
  13. Can't increase the price, would just make the MRLS somewhat viable in certain situations. It's not like a rotating turret is an outright advantage. I think the only way to curve rockets around corners and shit would be to flick the mouse with the right timing which I'm sure the majority of renegade players won't be able to do. Advantages: Can now defend behind, usually if an MRLS is snuck up on it is just too unreliable holding V key and hoping the rockets do a loop-to-loop and land on your target, with the turret level it can just shoot directly at your enemy leaving you less of a sitting duck. - Can hug walls on field for example and not be so exposed when firing; however, the rockets will have a straight forward trajectory so I'm not even sure if you can hit an arty hiding behind the rocks anymore as you kind of need that arch from looping them into the sky first.
  14. I remember getting renegade in 2002 when I was 10 years old and being literally the worst player ever cause it was my first ever computer FPS and I only played in first person mode for the first like 4 years I got it cause I had AOL dialup so I averaged like 200 ping and my dad only let me play on an old dell workstation PC he had with a 16 MB graphics card that averaged 8 FPS unless i played in a 10v10 or less server, then I got a good PC and spent like a year straight of playing renegade every day in A1TNGS CTF server, quickly became best player to ever own the game. (hahaha :P) Amazing what practice can do.
  15. I just got off of work, I can play right now for a bit if you're around.