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  1. Urgent:ASAP If you have caught a cheater please provide us with: Time and Date.9:00AM GMT start,Found out 1:40PM GMT Cheaters name. Hunter101 Fully detailed list of what they where doing to make you assume they cheat. Using a bot to repeatedly spam the chat with curses saying f u in full Screenshots / Videos / Logs / Witnesses Portus,Jefff
  2. 1) What is your real name? Master Kieran George Connolly 2) What are you ingame character name(s)? Please pick a main one as well! Portus Main:Portus (update if any new ones come round) 3) How old are you? 12 4) What country and region are you from? England Sefton/Merseyside 5) How long have you been playing Terraria? Since 1.1(there abouts),Originally on PC,then moved to Xbox,Im back on PC like i have been for ages 6) How did you find our server? I was looking for a humble server with a great community and survival/fighting. 7) How long have you been playing on our server? I started playing around 2/2.5 years ago 8) Why do you want VIP? I want to improve the server however i can and know that strengthening a community is the best way to do so,I would also be able to have a rank that shows players they can confide in me for advice and i can help them by summoning bosses theyd like to fight etc etc