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  1. Vandal33

    C&C News from EA Producer Jim Vessella.

    I'm expecting tiberian dawn remake with crawler, and a red alert skirmish vs computers that forces you to be online all the time. Do you really think EA can make a "remaster" better than the original westwood game?
  2. Vandal33

    Dear Volcom

    Striking out the word demand and say request next to it is a thing on the internet nowadays.
  3. Vandal33

    Renegade glossary

    What's flaming? and hugging?
  4. Vandal33

    Add Recon Bike into all maps

    @DoMiNaNtHuNtEr I see your BS smack talk still haven't wane down. You started talking about stuffs irrelevant to bikes (which I understand what it means) so I was asking what the hell were you babbling about? Perhaps it's your English that's poor since you misunderstood. Also, changing the direction of topic to talk about English and "sing-a-poor" when someone asks for clarification really shows you're bad at arguing and angry. It's okay to be mad, but you don't need to bring up all that lmao.
  5. Vandal33

    Add Recon Bike into all maps

    I see your BS smacktalk haven't waned down. No wonder we are not getting anything out of this 5 page topic. It's okay to be mad and it's perfectly normal to deny it but could you at least put that troll to a minimum please. What the hell are you babbling about now?
  6. Vandal33

    Add Recon Bike into all maps

    Didn't read all of your essay of rants, just a few paragraphs since I started seeing you running amok again like what you did in W3DHub before getting banned... What you compare about MPF and Rencorner is true but what does this has anything to do with promoting recon bikes lol? You do agree some people dislike massive changes and Rencorner and MPF are two different servers. Just stay at your colourful circus server and keep any clown-shit ideas away from us. It's okay to argue, but not when you started getting all pissed (and ironically calling others one), shitposting PMs and on people's profiles or call people who disagrees with you "simple minded folks who stagnate", or if there are more than one who disagrees, you called the other person "parakeet" (I prefer the word Great minds think alike).
  7. Vandal33

    zunnie - The myth, the man, the legend.

    We had a lot of good times chatting for hours about silly stuffs while playing APB RIP, buddy
  8. Vandal33

    Add Recon Bike into all maps

    Rencorner doesn't need anymore clown shit. Thank you very much.
  9. Vandal33

    Add Recon Bike into all maps

    Are you seriously taking the bait?
  10. Vandal33

    Viagra vs Hourglass - Hill Camp vs Ditch Camp

    I still don't see discussing about Niagra/Hourglass = "dipshits derail thread into argument over certain highlights made in comparison"
  11. Vandal33

    Add Recon Bike into all maps

    Calm down and stop being cringey, bikes wont be added (at least not to all maps), if you think we are overreacting, you need to take a good look at yourself there, pal. Then go back to your mpf orgy circus with the other weirdos and clowns who enjoys a server with purchasable stealth suit spy and 10 second beacons.
  12. Vandal33

    Add Recon Bike into all maps

    The op is the same guy who got banned from cncnet forums and W3dHub server at least once. (inb4 he starts an essay to justify himself). Seriously dude, calm down and stop shitposting everytime someone disagrees with you.
  13. Vandal33

    Add Recon Bike into all maps

    This is RenCorner, not RenCircus. go to mpf for your clown shit
  14. Vandal33

    Add Recon Bike into all maps

    But why?