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  1. Is this drama still going? WNxH3adSh00t's profile picture really suits his rants.
  2. but why?
  3. There will always be people doing that, it's never gonna run away and banning or even !killing is not really a good solution in a small community. If we have a mod like this in Renegade X servers, half of the server is gonna get killed by command at one point of a match. I hate this too but at least give the wise guy a warning first.
  4. I ran away from Renegade X because it's far from being original Renegade but wow, at least it doesn't have weapon buys and weapon pickups from the dead. Such a shame these modifications are turning this place into something like mpf.
  5. Rip teamplay, everybody wants to be solo all-rounders. A single wire can buy ramjet rifle, pic and volt and he became anti-everything as well as having all his C4s and strong repair gun, and dying lose less points than killing a Havoc. If anything, engineer-type shouldn't be able to purchase weapons (except maybe shotguns if we take away the free shotgun from hotter/technician and make them purchasable) and combat classes shouldn't have repair guns. Want some repairs? Get an engineer in your team. Even in singleplayer where you are anti-everything, you still can't repair stuffs. And +1 for making weapon buys more expensive for whatever reason.
  6. dont turn this into mpf
  7. you just came back and I saw you bad-mouthed like half of the server
  8. those pixels on your computer screen really make you happy, are we?
  9. no
  10. ^ This doesn't sound clear, had to read the replies to understand.
  11. Your original post is not clear what are you trying to ask.
  12. tldr
  13. I dont think its the map that was being downloaded.
  14. I agree this "E+tank fire" shit is horrid but I'm surprise you are all ok with !weapon buys and plasma guns!!
  15. Or we could remove weaponbuys.