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  1. 516075836_preview_rancho relaxo.png

    "Sometimes, you just need a little less gun."

  2. Renegade drama :bitchfight:Gumby what you say about that? 

    1. StJohn Gumby

      StJohn Gumby

      I don't know if I can comment Pet. Shaitan banned me from posting on the Forum.

      Anyone spotting a theme here?

    2. shaitan


      Yep there is a theme, certain of you think you can get away with repeatedly breaking the rules and/or treating other members/mods like shit, even with being warned over and over.

      Oh and do note the time frame, 5 days:


  3. Gumby check this out TF2. How did they miss that trololololol.

  4. You thinking of Mr0rris0, or sth like that nick? Gumby
  5. I'm sure your aim will improve, with practice. Gumby
  6. sat sri akah paji. Gumby
  7. Wait... What.... I didn't do anything Blacky. Oh, and Forithow. It's just Tristt trolling. Him and Nlsrene probably have some history. You talk about 'these days' but Renegade has been around a long time, with a long inglorious history players who have cheated. This has not been forgotten. Scores still remain to be settled. Gumby
  8. Tristt been playing away? And you can all fuck off with the senile jokes. Joetorp is older than me. Gumby
  9. True. I am going senile. Gumby
  10. I might be going senile, but do I remember correctly that Y sets the passenger in your vehicle to gunner? Gumby
  11. Unfortunately, I think he dislikes me enough that this won't happen. But I'm sure he will continue my good work and serve the community well. Gumby P.S This is the kind of thing I used to organise. Happy Days. Still remember planning that Gunner rush on Siege @ 17 mins. LOL
  12. Yep, you read it right mate. IP banned by Shia. Gumby
  13. Great, A Moonraker, a Waghorn and 2 Tykes. to include rackz we should meet up at the Oktoberfest. Gumby
  14. Oh, points at me. TBF, maddogg1108 has been organising Fun Wars along Clan War lines here lately so I should probably let him carry on. Organising Commwars against other communities was really my bag anyway. Now that St0rm, Atomix, Jelly, noobstories, Duke, n00bless, Exodus, UNrules and all the others no longer exist I guess my job is pretty much redundant. Still, as last man standing I guess I could claim it as a victory. Miss those happy times tho'. Gumby P.S bring back Spoony and
  15. An introduction seems almost strange considering how long you've been playing, nonetheless, welcome to the forums matey. In what part of the Holy Land do you reside? Gumby