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  1. ExEric3

    Paypal info

    Any news in this case?
  2. ExEric3

    Merry Christmas Rencorner

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
  3. ExEric3


    And which one is that server? I saw Snipe, Mara and CW server on WOL. Can u give me permissions on that test server we need have accessed !fds cmd to type directly to FDS console commands and we can make again tests like on Euro dedi.
  4. ExEric3

    New donation from ExEric3

    I want new dedi box with better connection Well I wish all mery christmas.
  5. ExEric3

    New Rotation

    Since it goes over http which is limited in some cases by ISP you cant do much with it. And TT doesnt support multi locations for ttfs based on your IP and country location. Thats why some services are provided by continents like usa, eu and asia. Or predownload needed packages and install it to data dir.
  6. ExEric3

    Christmas Fun War. 16th Dec.

    Played maybe 10 mins with ping spikes 1500 then completelly dropped me from ren and TS :D When I return back I was replaced by Gozy. So is time something to do with that hosting. Even SFPS drop sometimes so guys check what is eating server CPU.
  7. ExEric3

    File upload section for anticheat

    I want this: https://multiplayerforums.com/files/file/555-half-life-2-repair-gun-replacement-model/ rep gun.zip
  8. ExEric3

    Christmas Fun War. 16th Dec.

    Can I join also?
  9. ExEric3

    Lag related

    Well lowered sfps and highered nur on RenCorner helped me a lot. But I see bw doesnt changed much. It looks like its limited by server side. I cannot get over 500KBPS sometimes. and if are in game more objects - players it start lags like hell. Also I saw some sfps drops just randomly like some db operations in BRenBot or RCBOT or some other game server cause it? Can get some details here? What are servers specs? CPU, RAM and uplink?