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  1. Recently had a teamspeak convo on Rencorner TS with some good folks and even Shai was there (rare) and after a few jokes he did raise an interesting point.. that being, since its been a long while I've been muted, why not post to see if it can be revoked. When and where you where banned, Time and Date: Judging by what Shai was saying looks like it was early January Ingame nickname: you know By what moderator or admin you where banned: I feel like its 99% Manny What is the reason of you being banned: excessive language...probably combination of rum n cokes and Ren. Logs / Screenshots / videos / witnesses: you have any Any addition information that will help your case: the only people I'd like to investigate and speak to about is Manny. Rob I should just come to your house and get it done the easy way but I'm going through it properly haha. Thanks,
  2. alright wow haven't been on forums and like Robo I dont post as much as I used to. Now I have no idea what happened in detail on the situation itself but sounds like something got escalated. The reason why I wanted to talk about my opinion is what shai said regarding the decision timeframe for the ban. Read and heard that some were PO'd with the decision and as a person that has had probably MORE BANS AND MUTES THAN ANYONE IN RENEGADE, listen to me when I say that shai is right. For the most part, there are shitty mods out there, no one can deny that...its one of the reasons that servers like Jelly and Noobstories fall is because you dont have good upkeep of bans/mutes putforth by mods but shai will at least keep tabs on the situation and the time that he thinks you need to cool down. Speaking from experience, I've had mutes and bans that very from a hour, to a day, to a month even to a year I think at one point...and I think even at one point I Volunteered to be kept on mute for another month lol and in the end of all those, shai and the other mods that were involved assessed the situation to decide if I should be ok to go ...so dont rip on him if he gave a month...just be glad that he Was at least given the chance. - Woj
  3. Calling me a dumbass, making assumptions from the start...I didn't direct it to anyone but w/e....keep thinking you're a useful mod/admin out there to help the community (like others who have in the past like shai to an extent and dronez) cuz you're only fooling yourself with your constant dick measuring bud
  4. sorry but can you please provide where in my statement I quoted Anubis' name. Thank you
  5. didn't think nub jetting and dick sucking was allowed....I'll know for next time to get the prize lol
  6. LOL love this quote on RC lol .....and side note ...little do people know 9/11 was an inside job ...stupid americans and their propagandist tube
  7. I had a random window of unmutedness like yesterday and I came in game to wish everyone a happy new year...then someone was messaging me and people talking in all chat to me and I was responding over and over before I realized I was back muted ...then it happened again lol ...fuck sakes mods happy new year and best of luck gaming everyone in 2016.
  8. All games are awesome but the second that waste of a server space rambo6 comes in....noob plays galore
  9. Thats my problem is sometimes too many rum n cokes n ren lol
  10. nice video zuko, especially the subtitles like nope nope nope and how embarrassing are funny
  11. Thanks shai
  12. Hello, is the rage quit feature gone from RC now?.. just curious if the rage quit feature will ever be put back up ? I personally liked it and had something to shoot for...literally haha....can we at least get a poll to have people vote? Maybe the players wanna see this feature put back instead of mods agreeing on it ...
  13. so I can see your username has rage quit after I Hs you ??
  14. Pity
  15. sorry maybe I am misinterpretting multiple..like 2 or 3 or 40?...I take it that it will never be put back ?
  16. Nightmare right now ...So I wanted to play Renegade today and got an error message about some dll file ...I run renlist anyone know about this issue or how to resolve it . I tried to download the dll from microsoft I think but nothing worked ...please don't tell me I have to reformat my computer again ... ren.bmp
  17. Great thank you very much you guys I think it worked...I still get an error message upon launch saying that I failed to connect to server? and that I might not be able to play online and prompts yes or no so I hit yes and seems to work ...Thank you Gumby shai and robo
  18. because wyld politely asked for my skills...im in u guys need a villan like me
  19. alright so I brought up this topic on ts tonight and I thought I would post and just see how far it will go. I know we got skilled developers and marketers in here and stuff....but anyways, is there room to have the !radio function in here ...the only thing that I can think of as a con is perhaps lag issues, but I dont know if it would be that drastic...pros would be listening to a library of ppls music other than mine for those of you that dont know what !radio is...there were servers years ago that allowed you to play the "radio" which would be a variety of songs that the admins put in a databse and you could listen to it in game and even request upcoming songs!...it was great, many people didnt use it which is understandable but for those of you like me that have been playing this for years and need some music...it did expose you to nice music here and there Thoughts on this and wondering if I can talk to mods about piloting this ?
  20. came in game during sleep-renning lol and saw this...tested it ...but to no avail ...yes I paused my winamp haha
  21. I got a funny feeling that RC is becoming the new ultramaps, etc. I thought the goal of RC was to continue to promote and keep the "original" play of renegade, that being no modifications (4.0) and original guns with perhaps slight mod shotgun and original maps ... I predict maps that take 5 hours to get to the enemy base inc....just leave things
  22. wait...glacier is removed now? sweet...and I voted the way that I feel....I EVEN FRICKEN MADE IT MY SETJOIN TO REMOVE GLACIER LOL ...so dont blame me as for geometry class in your comments trojan, I cant remember what I was talking about lol but sounds like me
  23. I dont believe that there has to be any files that need to be downloaded by the player prior to joining the server as I dont remember anything loading long in past servers...it was just if you wanted it to play on your end you just !enable the radio and then can !skip or !request song I think ...anyways it was just a thought and I would absolutely love it as I ALWAYS used it and listened to other genres of music instead of just playing my winamp that I know what songs are on there ...seems there is some interest in here but people are afraid of the lag. Again, if its feasible, as I always say, pilot it for a little then change if it didnt work!
  24. yes thank you. Since I am first you can close this post after I post hahah...okay so I think I will talk about what I like : Volcano : my favourite map as its quick no defenses and always fun in tunnels field is always fun because those aowers can strategize and I can have fun in tunnels and stuff I like that map. I always like canyon too, I would compare it with volcano I dont really like under or hourglass though. I dont know why I dont like them I hate hourglass more and I know these two will be the biggest of discussion because of whoring etc. but I just dont like it because they are big maps I find plus the base defenses makes for LONG games esp in marathon no time limits etc. with that said though...I like city it is big and yes it has base defenses but I just find there is more options to attack from the perspective of a sniper and aow tanks Mesa is alright ..not my fav but I still like it from time to time. I like Islands as well I would say it fits in with canyon and volcano