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  1. woj107

    Gravity gu-woah woahhhh-n

    poor ddaplayer that one day was there for at least 2 hours and then someone took out his ref lol...I even got pissed because he was about 10k away ...so damn expensive frick...#bringbackthegravity
  2. woj107

    Gravity gu-woah woahhhh-n

    I think best thing would be to have the gun only work on enemy i was saying that in my head as I was writing this but didn't know if it was possible to write code for that to happen? Blacky probably laughing at me right now lol... Seems like a lot of ppl are commenting worried about th possibility but I was also thinking the same as vlat....putting more onus on the mods to regulate the game if they saw someone th. I would think that the gun could be the same as a regular remote..in that you can still place motes on your teammates car and blow it up when they get out which would be th...same thing i would think can be applied to the gun...if someone gets their car th then they would be acted on then by mod. But best scenario is to have it work for enemy only as lots of times unfortunately there aren't any mods to view th being done...
  3. woj107

    Gravity gu-woah woahhhh-n

    Lol started reading and reading then all i saw was "and I told rambo6 to stop saying racist stuff"...lololo died laughing..ahhh Rambo...so useless
  4. woj107

    Gravity gu-woah woahhhh-n

    Hey everyone happy new year. Just wondering if anyone else likes /misses this gun like I do. I just played a game where poor ddaplayer was trying to save fot one until his ref was destroyed and was a couple thousand shy. Any way the mods can look into maybe : Dropping the price of the gun from the current ridiculous 40k? Putting it in the game at random spots like other weapons Putting it in a cr8? Just was curious if anyone likes this as there is nothing funnier than seeing tanks go flying and they struggling to regain control haaha hence my title gravity wooahhhh hahah. To be honest i would rather see this gun then cheap guns like pimps..
  5. woj107

    Pedestal in low player count games

    Skyrider...ya he's a noob like all the other peddos
  6. woj107

    Happy New Year

    Happy new year to you joe